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It's September. That means we are 1 month into our indoor plant challenge. Unfortunately it would appear we only have 1 plant standing. Who knew Female Forum would attract so many indoor plant assassins?!

Congratulations go to Papillio who recently started a new career.

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lauren definitely wins the title of amazingly indestructible woman of the month (even when dealing with call waiting). She's an inspiration to us all.

AmyJane is worried about her daughter struggling with schoolwork, whilst rachel21 may have a poltergeist.

Bashid has been suffering from depression since her marriage broke down, lisaann1213 posts a great response to our 'Are You an Unhappy Single?' article and SocialGirl wants to know whether you've considered renewing your wedding vows.

Finally, nebulablaze wants to know if any other members of Female Forum are using medical marijuana.

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