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Female Forum was founded on the basis of simplicity and functionality. We were tired of websites that were overly-complicated and overwhelming and wanted to challenge those that prefer style over substance.

Our mission is simple - to be the most comprehensive and intuitive online community for women. Sometimes it feels like you need a degree in computer science just to navigate the big, established websites. Female Forum will be easy to use, but at the same time will be full of great information alongside a friendly, welcoming community.

We recognise that catering to you, our readers and members, is our priority - not attracting big advertisers and filling our site with information that is distracting and irrelevant. You influence the future development of this site - we are new, fresh and innovative and want to prove this to you by listening to what you have to say. We welcome your feedback, and read every single email and comment you send us.

Thanks for dropping by - we look forward to welcoming you as a member of Female Forum and getting to know you better.


Favorite Things Women Like to Do on Their Phones


It’s hard to imagine spending too much time without your smartphone nowadays, but what exactly do you use it for during that time?


Do UK Women Like to Gamble?

Activity Ideas

The UK gambling world is considered to be mostly dominated by male players. But is this really the case? Join us as we take a look at the market.


Activity Ideas for Roses

Activity Ideas

Roses can do more than just show off their prettiness. They can be used in many different ways. Here are some fun and creative things you can do with your roses after you’ve enjoyed their visual effect.… more...

What is Spinning?

Exercise & Fitness

Spinning is just a modern word that is used to describe exercise that is done on a stationary bike. Spinning is becoming a very popular exercise and classes are offered at many health and fitness clubs.… more...

How to Find Freelance Work

Finding Work

Freelancing will keep you on your toes. Not only do you have to be an expert in whatever it is that you do, but you also have to learn how to find work. Here is a list of things you can do that will… more...


Easy recipe

By annelee

Do you have any great recipe you like to share? it can be anything, soup, salad, pastries, entrée, bbq…...or even a cocktail.

... more...

How to deal with Stress in a healthy way?

By Bean8630

I’ve been hit with a lot the last few months and even though I don’t think im stressed my body is telling another story. …... more...

Quasense - Birth Control Question

By LoveDance

Hoping someone on this forum is familiar with the quarterly birth control pill Quasense.

It says to start the pill on the first Sunday once your period starts. 

I was due to start…... more...

Anyone agree with this statement?

By rachel21

Its easier to put on weight, than it is to lose weight!

... more...

Not strictly my health but...

By Papillio

... Belle’s.

I wanted to share this food with your for your furbabies.

We worked out really quickly after she first came home that she’s allergic to wheat/ maize/ gluten.…... more...

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