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Favorite Things Women Like to Do on Their Phones

Our smartphones have become such an essential part of our lives that we can’t imagine spending a day without them. Not that we wouldn’t survive one though - but it’s just that we are so used to having a pocket-sized computer/organizer/camera/music player that we don’t really want to deprive ourselves of the luxury of having all these benefits at the literal palm of our hands.

But despite carrying such advanced technological marvels with us everywhere we go, most of us will agree that we don’t quite use them to their full potential, with some people never even really doing much more than taking snapshots and playing at their favorite UK Mobile casinos. But if we don’t exploit them fully, what exactly do we do with our smartphones? Well, let’s take a look at our favorite things.

woman on phone

Staying in Touch

This is an obvious choice, considering smartphones are actual phones with additional features to help us in our everyday lives. A recent Oxford University study found that women spent more time talking on their phone than men, with an average annual amount of time spent talking of about 130 hours, or 30 hours more than their male counterparts. The reason for the behavior is believed to be a result of the tendency of women to maintain their bond with friends and family by keeping in touch over the phone.

And apart from calling, women also like to use texting as a means to stay connected to their close ones. This is mostly done either via SMS or popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, What’s App or Viber, depending on their geographical location.


Of course, nobody would buy a smartphone if they couldn’t at least entertain themselves by playing some games. Mobile games are one of the favorite pastimes with both men and women, the only difference being the choice of games. While men would go for first person shooters and sport games, women prefer mostly puzzle or logic games like Words with Friends or Candy Crush Saga. But whatever the genre, mobile games remain as one of the most used mobile apps.

women taking selfie

Social Media

In today’s age it’s hard to remain “off the grid” of most popular social platforms because almost everyone has either a real or “fake” Facebook account they use for keeping in touch with the world and their friends or even advertising their business.  Facebook, along with other social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest is frequently enjoyed by women for many different purposes: Facebook is mostly used as a means of communication and advertising, Instagram is used mostly for entertainment and inspiration, but also creating a social impact that can be later used for personal or third-party promotion, while Pinterest is mostly used for sharing information and finding attractive promotions.

Snap, Snap, Snap

Unlike a decade ago, when phone cameras couldn’t produce anything else but distorted badly-lit photos which could be barely kept as “treasured memories”, most smartphones nowadays have very advanced cameras, some even boasting expensive lenses, which completely eliminated the need for buying entry-level digital cameras to bring along on your vacations.

However, this technological advance brought on a storm of snap taking activities that invaded almost every aspect of life, including private dinner parties and even shopping. Nobody can stay immune to the shutterbug virus that smartphones transmit, not even women, who often mention it among their favorite things to do with their phones.


And finally, one of the top activities that women enjoy with their phone is shopping. According to a 2013 study called “Women+Mobile: The Unbreakable Bond”, phone shopping was the third-favorite thing women did with their phones, right next to messaging and social media, with 55% of women reporting to use their phones to research and buy products. While shopping, women mostly spent their time on making shopping lists and sharing photos of their purchases, while the least amount of time was spent collecting coupons.

However, another study from the same year found that it was men who spent more time shopping on their phones, with 22.2% men making a purchase while browsing on their mobile, as opposed to 18.2% of women. On the other hand, shopping via a desktop was dominated by women, with 57% using computers to buy products, as opposed to 52% of men.

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