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Do you always carry a purse?

Posted: 29 Jun 2011 01:51 PM   Ignore ]  
Breaking the Ice
Total Posts:  10
Joined  28 Jun 2011

I never carried a purse in my entire life until I was probably about 14. I finally decided it was time to get one and I loved the idea. I always enjoyed simple black ones. Over time my purses got bigger and bigger because I always wanted to be able to help everyone carry their stuff. It got pretty bad for a while lol!

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Posted: 29 Jun 2011 02:01 PM   Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
Female Forum Royalty
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Joined  27 Mar 2011

Can’t be without one… I have various colours to match my shoes; the sizes vary as well as the style, and at the mo I’m into the smaller type, but yes I do favour purses (handbags as we call them lol)

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Posted: 29 Jun 2011 02:32 PM   Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]  
Breaking the Ice
Total Posts:  10
Joined  28 Jun 2011

I think it’s really cute when people match their purses to their outfits. I’ve never been that cool raspberry My purse is always some crazy color and my outfit is something completely different. It’s pretty funny actually.

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Posted: 29 Jun 2011 07:20 PM   Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]  
Community Superstar
Total Posts:  4328
Joined  24 Jul 2009

A necessary evil…

phone, keys, wallet, car papers…I just dont have enough pockets so yes I have to carry one ..
Do I like it ?
No not really,  and I cant stand women who carry round things the size of weekend bags then root through the thing for 5 minutes before they can find their wallet to pay for anything because they have so much unnecessary rubbish with them.

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Posted: 30 Jun 2011 04:53 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 4 ]  
Active Member
Total Posts:  31
Joined  23 Jun 2011

I am absolutely addicted to purses. I’ve never been really a “girly girl”, but I can’t function without some sort of bag attached to my arm. I never match them to anything I’m wearing either. I just pick something I think is cute from my purse closet and go with it until I want to change. haha, I probably look a bit odd with some of the outfit and purse combinations I go out in.

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 05:00 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 5 ]  
Total Posts:  2
Joined  08 Jul 2011

I cann’t dream if Idon’t have a purses . I need it not only it can carry lot of stuff, it really pretty like our clothes ans shoe, every day I need change a new purses fit my clothes and shoes ! i love it so much !

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Posted: 31 Jul 2011 11:39 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 6 ]  
Frequent Poster
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Joined  31 Jul 2011


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