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foundations and cover ups

Posted: 25 Aug 2011 08:46 PM   Ignore ]  
Breaking the Ice
Total Posts:  17
Joined  23 Aug 2011

dont you just hate seeing girls that look like they got a mask on their face well i do lol
i know its hard to pick the right foundation or coverup
but i find this completely unnatractive and disgusting :x yukkk

Posted: 09 Oct 2011 04:49 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
Valued Contributor
Total Posts:  80
Joined  25 Sep 2011

Yes I agree, not saying I’m perfect and don’t need make up, but some women with too much just make things look worse. Confidence makes up for anything.

Posted: 10 Oct 2011 01:37 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]  
Community Superstar
Total Posts:  3525
Joined  08 Jan 2010

The key to that stuff is getting the proper shade, and lots of blending. And also to not forget your neck…..

Posted: 10 Oct 2011 06:43 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]  
Community Superstar
Total Posts:  3249
Joined  01 Aug 2010

For me I use minimum I can to enhance my colouring and highlight features but like has been said just enough done right and you feel fantastic, too much and well they look like they hire in a plasterer to put the foundation on. For me the eyes are the most important, I see them as a focal point and use them as such for work.

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Posted: 10 Oct 2011 07:27 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 4 ]  
Female Forum Royalty
Total Posts:  8464
Joined  27 Mar 2011

I like using foundation, feel undressed without it! I think the problem is that some women choose the wrong clouring and go too dark… as LC said you need just enough to enhance ones colouring and I agree Kam…. the NECK… so many forget that area lol

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