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50th anniversary…

Posted: 09 Sep 2011 07:04 AM   Ignore ]  
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International Association for Suicide Prevention
Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of this organisation and yet most of you will never have heard of it…

That just goes to show how little we know and how well kept this ‘secret’ is..

I know Ive spoken about this before and sorry if you think Im banging on about it but its something close to my heart and because of its date this 50th anniversary is going to be overshadowed by the memorial of 9/11..
Just to put it into perspective, 2977 victims died in 9/11 and each month on average over 2800 Americans will die by suicide..Not trying to downplay anything just giving the figures.

Two local news stories which come to mind…

Recently a man was seen in my home town attemping to make a noose and throw his rope round the branch of a tree . So passersby called police who having already spoken to the man once brushed aside the calls as time wasting..
Minutes later those passersby had to cut the man down and call an ambulence and it was only because of their actions was he saved..

At the same time published police figures show that last year there was a rise in the number of suicides in this region.
Suicide outnumbers murder yet there isnt a single professional suicide councillor in the region..

There is no single cause for suicide, no specific age group, although some do stand out with red flags ...
I wont go into all that again but please spare a moment to take a look at the site, you may learn something you didnt know, understand a little better, maybe even recognise the problem when you see it in others..

One thing…please dont judge..No one would walk onto a cancer ward and tell the people there it was their own fault they were dying yet its very easy to blame a person for taking thier own life. We call them selfish , even say we have no sympathy for them..

Each of us has thier own breaking point, some call out for help and some just sink into the darkness.
Dont blame them for that, it just makes it all the more difficult for the next sinking person to reach out for help..


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