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hello, just joined..

Posted: 26 Dec 2011 10:38 AM   Ignore ]  
Breaking the Ice
Total Posts:  11
Joined  26 Dec 2011

hello there, new to forums. 5 kids/2x divorced. at 36 and in a terrible relationship with an extremely controlling narcissist…have lost about all hope at finding someone to love. working now on my own persnal development and independance. i have amazing kids, a wide range of interests. in much need of other women to talk to, have a nearly non existant support network. chronic pain patient with various spinal issues/fibromyalgia. hoping to make lifelong quality connections here.

Posted: 26 Dec 2011 11:03 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
Female Forum Royalty
Total Posts:  8464
Joined  27 Mar 2011

Hello there…. welcome… sure to find much support here… look forward to getting to know you. xox

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Posted: 26 Dec 2011 11:12 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]  
Community Superstar
Total Posts:  3249
Joined  01 Aug 2010

hello and welcome

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Posted: 12 Jan 2012 03:07 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]  
Total Posts:  2
Joined  13 Dec 2011

hihi~ nice to see you here :D

Posted: 12 Jan 2012 11:57 PM   Ignore ]   [ # 4 ]  
Getting Addicted
Total Posts:  403
Joined  19 Jun 2011

joise where you been?

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