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Cast Away ( Ryan )

Posted: 14 Jan 2012 05:26 PM   Ignore ]  
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Title : Cast Away
Pairing : Ryan Wolfe & Abigail “Abi” Louise Stetler
Rating : NC- 17
Feat : Miami team
Summary : Ryan’s been seeing Abi who is Rick Stetler’s daughter but will he allow them to stay together or split them up? Read to see what happens…..

Chapter One

Abi was secretly seeing CSI Ryan Wolfe for three years and knowing that they loved each other very much and neither of them wanted anyone to know about their secret relationship and Ryan knew that Rick was Abi’s father and he disliked him but knew it would be worse if Rick ever found out that his daughter was dating a CSI and he wouldn’t be happy until someone told him about it and saw the proof for himself which annoyed him that his daughter was seeing Ryan Wolfe and Rick hated Ryan with a force that he didn’t want him near his daughter..

Rick had found out from Dan Cooper about Abi and Ryan’s relationship which pissed him off and he found Ryan in the break room and asked ” Is it true?” and Ryan replied ” Is what true?” when Rick asked ” That you and Abi are together?”, and Ryan said ” It is yeah and i love her and Kayden” when Rick asks ” Who’s Kayden?” when Ryan replies ” Kayden’s mine and Abi’s six week old daughter”..

Knowing that Abi had now a child with Ryan, it made Rick even more annoyed that his own daughter would allow Ryan to do that and he didn’t like the idea of his little girl giving herself to Ryan like that and then having his child which made Rick sick with disgust and he hated the whole relationship that Abi had with Ryan and vowed to ruin it and he didn’t care who he hurt in the process..

Abi was at home with Kayden who was sleeping in her arms when Ryan arrived home and tells Abi ” Your dad found out about us and Kayden” when Abi asks ” How the heck did he find out?” and Ryan replies ” Cooper told him about us” which shocked Abi and she passed Kayden to him gently as she was still asleep and Ryan smiled at his sleeping daughter in his arms and knew that he would have to protect them from Rick but yet he didn’t know how..

Ryan watched his daughter sleeping and it made him feel happy and lucky to be a dad to little Kayden Alexandra Wolfe and he loved every moment he had with his beautiful daughter and would always cherish the moments he got with Kayden when he came home and even on his days off from the lab so he could spend quailty time with his baby daughter, also with Abi as well who meant the world to Ryan and always would be..

How will Ryan protect Abi and Kayden from Rick Stetler??

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