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Should they or shouldnt they?

Posted: 25 Jan 2012 07:14 AM   Ignore ]  
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In America an appeal is taking place to decide weather or not some taped interviews should be released which implicate a man in murder..

The tapes are the property of Boston Collage and implicate Sinn Fein MP Jerry Adams in the 1972 murder of an Irish woman, a mother of 10 who was thought by the IRA to be a spy ( later proved to be false)..

Mr Adams always claimed he was just a politician for Sinn Fien and not the IRA ..

At first a judge ruled that the tapes should be released because they are key to a murder trial , but an appeal has been lodged to stop the release.  Some people think that the peace process would be shattered if the tapes are handed over to police in Northern Ireland..

Other people think that if Jerry Adams is named as the person who ordered the murder of Jean McConville and possibly other people then he should stand trial just as any other murderer would..

What do you think…Is it worth the risk of setting off a powder keg of past emotions and hatred or should it be left in the past? ..
Does this mean that if a murderer can make him or herself important enough that they gain immunity from trial?
Does it send a message to all those who lost loved ones or were themselves hurt that their lives mean less that the political career of one man??

I think no matter what happens there are going to be people who feel they have been wronged..This wont pass without someone somewhere being hurt or emotionally damaged by it.

I know what Id like to see happen with several people and not just Jerry Adams but I know that wont happen..
Whats your view on this?



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Posted: 25 Jan 2012 10:00 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Well Cassandra this has made me come back to post, sorry I have neglected you ladies but I have had a few health issues.

Now this article, yes reveal all, I spent a period of time with a unit observing Adams, to put it quite bluntly, just a politician my arse, he was the general commander of the West Belfast brigade of the Provisional IRA, he was the man who masterminded the closed cell system for the bombers in the UK, unfortunately nobody ever saw or could prove he pulled a trigger but it was well known that not only did he order murders but was present at a few and reputed to have pulled the trigger of a couple. The blood on his hands include those of Denis Donaldson, Jean McConville and Robert McCartney. In addition let us not forget the many meetings he that was observed between him and Michael McKevitt and his right-hand man, Liam Campbell, the masterminds behind the Omagh bombing atrocity, then we have his side kick, the poison dwarf Martin (I never killed anyone but was the main suspect in the murders of Sergeant Peter Gilgunn & Constable David Montgomery) McGuinness but not much is said about him since Martin Ingram the British intelligence controller who handled British agents in the IRA like Hegarty and Scappatici, has alleged that McGuinness was a British agent, also Adams and McGuinness have strong evidence against them to shoe they was members of the seven-man IRA Army Council. Their hands are covered in the blood of members of the public including children murdered at that time and as such they should pay as have many on both sides of that conflict when the over stepped the line.

Posted: 25 Jan 2012 03:37 PM   Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]  
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Joined  27 Mar 2011

From an outsiders point of view I would not hesitate to suggest that nobody should be exempt from being exposed….  as Jim says he has blood on his hands and therefore should pay the consequences. ... I think there are far reaching consequences (worldwide) if the likes of such people are seen to be given immunity! These atrocities need to be stopped and will continue if’ it’s perceived that “who you are” is a consideration in sweeping such under the carpet!

Posted: 26 Jan 2012 05:04 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]  
Getting Addicted
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from where I stand, murder is murder and if a tape is needed as “evidence” then it should be entered…in my opinion

Posted: 28 Jan 2012 08:45 PM   Ignore ]   [ # 4 ]  
Fully Addicted
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Joined  06 Dec 2008

This is very tricky Cassandra .Ordinarily I would say that the tapes should be revealed & those responsible for crimes/ murder made known & tried ,but in the fragile peace of Ireland would these revalations blow it all apart & start all the violence again

Posted: 29 Jan 2012 03:28 PM   Ignore ]   [ # 5 ]  
Community Superstar
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Joined  29 May 2010

This is actually happening where i’m from and it’s Gerry Adams as his begins with a G not a J..

Posted: 29 Jan 2012 03:51 PM   Ignore ]   [ # 6 ]  
Community Superstar
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Joined  24 Jul 2009
Lake District - 29 Jan 2012 03:28 PM

This is actually happening where i’m from and it’s Gerry Adams as his begins with a G not a J..

My apologies for the spelling mistake…

Any opinion on the story itself?

Posted: 29 Jan 2012 05:04 PM   Ignore ]   [ # 7 ]  
Community Superstar
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Joined  29 May 2010

Well the only thoughts i have are why it has been so long to come out and will any of us ever really know what went on behind closed doors? Being Northern Irish myself this has been on the news quite a lot here and most stories you read and think it’ll never happen here but when it does then people are dumbfounded and shocked by it all..

@Cassandra - it’s ok about the mistake of the name..

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