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What to do right now to increase productivity

Posted: 17 Jun 2016 03:05 PM   Ignore ]  
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Joined  17 May 2016

I’m sure all of you have felt overworked and stressed at work! There is a great trick I recently learned that boosts productivity, leading to a balanced life.

The key is learning to “properly engage” with information and tasks. David Allen, one of the world’s most influential thinkers on productivity, shares his tips in this article, “5 easy steps to get more done, reduce stress and enjoy the good life”. In a nutshell, applying these five simple steps will provide you with the space and structure to be more creative, strategic, and focused.

1. Capture – Take notes.
2. Clarify – Is it actionable?
3. Organize – Develop lists.
4. Reflect – Review.
5. Engage – Take action.

The article provides more details for each step!

What ways and techniques have you used to boost productivity??

Posted: 05 Jul 2016 07:58 PM   Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Joined  05 Jul 2016

Hello, thank you for the wonderful and helpful post.

Increasing productivity is very important to accomplishing my dreams. I use the following steps to produce more.

1. Keep a monthly calendar that is reviewed weekly to celebrate successes, review progress and revisions.

2. Be present in all that I do.

3. Embrace change and evolve daily.

4. Follow inspiration and create.

5. Action, Action, Action.


Posted: 17 Jul 2016 08:17 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]  
Getting Addicted
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Joined  24 Mar 2015

LG said it all. I don’t have my own agenda on productivity to post, but I do use a calendar and keep a record of all the work I’ve done. Also doing one job at a time and concentrating without worrying about making mistakes work for me. I suppose it’s that simple.

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