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Not strictly my health but…

Posted: 31 Jan 2017 02:54 PM   Ignore ]  
Community Superstar
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Joined  08 May 2010

... Belle’s.

I wanted to share this food with your for your furbabies.

We worked out really quickly after she first came home that she’s allergic to wheat/ maize/ gluten. Poor thing, her stomach would swell and she’d hobble around for days obviously sore and whimpering if she moved the wrong way so we’ve taken great care since then to keep her off gluten foods.

Recently though we were back at the vets with an ear infection. Personally I thought this particular infection might have something to do with the filthy water in the Colne that she jumped into, but the vet ordered a specific hydrolysed diet at £45 a week ($56 ish) which I wasn’t impressed by. Bearing in mind we’ve had problems with this vet before after Belly’s spay infection (she lived in a damn testing centre all her life! She’d probably never encountered a germ before so she was obviously going to have a crappy time with her immune system!!) and Fred’s inability to argue with authority figures I blew my top.

Really had enough. She practically called me a bad owner because she’d a) gotten infected in the first place and b) that I wasn’t immediately wanting to put her on the ridiculously expensive diet (that the vet happens to get a commission from) rather than explore other options…

Anyway, spoke to a friend who’s a vet (and unfortunately doesn’t live nearby) who said it’s ridiculous. She suggested a proper hypoallergenic diet, and helped me write a food diary for her so we could work out what caused flare-ups. Which was awesome. It looks like it’s the beef that’s an allergen for her, poultry seems to be fine.

Anywho, I found a great wet food brand which does hypoallergenic food which Belly adores. Obviously I do then still avoid the foods with beef, but the rest she’ll eat!


Posted: 03 Feb 2017 12:17 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Thanks for sharing. My kitties can be so difficult about food. I’m tempted to make my own food for them!

The cats recently went on a hungry strike and we couldn’t figure out what was going on. At some point they decided they didn’t like pate and preferred shredded consistency. Once we changed to shredded they were fine! My theory is at some point a neighbor started feeding them and they preferred whatever that was.

Belle is so lucky to have you guys and I do think some vets try and take advantage. We were having trouble with fleas. Our previous medication wasn’t working for our cats. The “better” brand our vet could ONLY get for us and ONLY administer was the same cost as a 12 month pack of our previous medication. I was desperate to get rid of the fleas so got one cat who was going bonkers from the fleas treated.

When I went home we investigated and found the medication sold in Canada. Luckily we were able to purchase it and the company ship to us. I’ve never heard of such a thing before (only the vet can have and administer).

Posted: 05 Feb 2017 10:57 PM   Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]  
Frequent Poster
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Joined  18 Jan 2017

My MIL cooks for her two dogs every meal everyday. Sometime my FIL gets confused if the meal is his or the dogs grin

Posted: 06 Feb 2017 12:13 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]  
Community Superstar
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Joined  08 May 2010

I used to make better food for her than us wink

TBF, she is doing well on the hypoallergenic diet. I just cleaned her ears for the first time in a fortnight (previously I’d had to do it every three days) and found they were cleaner at the beginning than they used to be when I finished cleaning them before. Plus it’s a normal brown rather than black (ick!)

Do you mean your pets keep getting fleas? The stuff I use on the pair of them is called advocate and it’s very good. Neither of them have had fleas ever, which is pretty awesome. The only time we had fleas was when we took Willow in overnight as a rescue. She had fleas and they got into the carpets. Treated them naturally under the advice of friend-vet and it was a job done smile

She had us boil wash all the fabrics she’d had access to (which thankfully was only one room) and salt the carpets. Not even kidding. Like actual salt. Scattering it on the carpet fairly thickly, leaving it for 48 hours and then vaccuming up. They were gone on the first application never to be seen again :D Apparently the idea is to dehydrate and kill the adults, and then when the babies are born they dehydrate and die very quickly without a) and adult to help, b) a food source (so you do have to stay out/ keep pets out and c) only salt for food or water.

Posted: 06 Feb 2017 10:20 AM   Ignore ]   [ # 4 ]  
Getting Addicted
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Joined  24 Mar 2015

I don’t own any pets but that vet sounds self involved to only mention medication they are commissioned to sell. A vet should use what is right: not what they’re getting paid to promote. Especially if it isn’t appropriate for that particular animal. Anyhow, getting hold of your own medication for your pet is the right move. I hope your pet gets better soon.

Posted: 12 Feb 2017 07:34 PM   Ignore ]   [ # 5 ]  
Community Superstar
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Joined  08 May 2010

Well we did have a bit of a rebound… SOMEONE (naming no names) saw our cheesy tomato pasta dinner cooking and thought ‘hmm, that looks tasty’, jumped the super high baby gate, knocked the pan down and ate it before we could get through the too-high-for-us-to-jump baby gate and stop h…SOMEONE….

blank stare

I swear to gods… I really really REALLY want access to her full medical records to make sure she’s not related to Tigger (!)

The amount of times we go to beagle play day or whatever and get told ‘oh yes, we got a baby gate because they can’t jump over it. Did you think of that?’ and then get the food or tea or treats knocked out of their hand by ‘Hopper’ over there is ridiculous.

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