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Beyond Liv’s 1st Birthday - By Angela

Posted: 10 May 2017 08:13 AM   Ignore ]  
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Dear Angela (Ang), Jessica (Jess), everyone else on/ff here, blogs, and beyond,

I’m back yet again with another blog entry by this blogger whom I have already mentioned on here on a numerous past occasions.  Even through its pretty much identical to all of the others, but still its worth sharing in my eyes.  In which all of is no longer on here because basically its me repeating myself over and over again.  This also goes for old blog and her partner as well.

I have since decided to do a whole new intro post/thread because its pretty much has to with even more.  Basically, its more concerns and questions regarding this/ese particular aspect/s as opposed to the others.

At the same time I do wish that Angela (Ang) would have followed in Jessica (Jess) her old blog partner and kept doing it even after she left to create this blog.  Anyway, its called again Champagne + Shimmer and finally figured how it/did the and in the title (+) now.  I mean after all of this time.  In which she did entry/post on Looking Back on our First Year As Parents.

That also goes vice versa with Jessica (Jess) following in Angela (Ang) on Leo’s 1st Birthday and including what they did to celebrate as well.  Even through Leo is older by a couple mo over Liv.

Beyond Liv’s 1st Birthday - By Angela

Now thats out of the way. 

I’m also beyond both concerning and questioning how much does babies and their parents need in the 1st place for their babies 1st Birthday Party.  To me I totally think its way too much to begin with.  I mean over this past decade/s/couple/few that it has been the case.  Especially, with all of the baby showers, registries, and beyond that are involved in all of it.  I’m really into the baby blessings ceremonies that are identical as to what I mention before.  In which I’m in the middle of the road regarding to bridal showers, registries, and beyond that are involved in all of it.  At the same time have no clue whatsoever if theres such a thing/s as a bridal blessings ceremonies that are identical as to what I mention before.

At the same time I also can go a little bit overboard with all of this.  I’m also including beyond as well.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)

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