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What is Spinning?

Exercise & Fitness

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Could You Be Depressed?

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Beyond all birth control/contraception/family planning, fertility/in/ivf, HRT, OBOS info

By Jessica A B


Dear Everyone both on/ff of here.

Heres both of the full names to…... more...


By Papillio

Hey smile

I’ve lost…... more...


By Souxi

Ladies last October I had a hysterectomy, yayyyyy! However the consultant left my ovaries, so, I dont really know, even…... more...

Frumpy in your 50's?

By Souxi

I know what she means. Does anyone else feel like this? Have you ‘let youself go’? I guess to some extent…... more...

Slimming World

By Souxi

Have any of you lost weight with SW? I am giving it another try. Sick of counting calories/points. It isnt a natural way…... more...