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Not strictly my health but...

By Papillio

... Belle’s.

I wanted to share this food with your for your furbabies.

We worked out really quickly…... more...

Self Care

By kiwi

I’ve been putting some lavender oil on a cotton ball and tucking it in my shirt. Then I take out my journal and…... more...

Does anyone have major burns?

By Gin

9 years ago I was accidentally set on fire and survived with 40% burns.
I was just wondering if anyone else on here…... more...

Husband has FASD

By DreamyJ

My mother-in-law admitted she did stupid things when she was pregnant with my husband. Now he has multiple deficits. Can…... more...

Hi everyone

By DreamyJ

I’m new here to the forum, and look forward to exchanging ideas about keeping a healthy mind, body & soul

... more...