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What is Spinning?

Exercise & Fitness

Spinning is just a modern word that is used to describe exercise that is done on a stationary bike. Spinning is becoming… more...

Could You Be Depressed?

Physical & Mental Health

If you have been feeling emotionally down for a while and you are having trouble shaking off the feeling, it may be more… more...

14 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Food & Dieting

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What You Should Know About the Abdomen and Fat Burning

Exercise & Fitness

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Women and Adult-Onset Asthma: Why Us?

Physical & Mental Health

Many epidemiological studies suggest that women have a heightened risk of developing asthma after age 20, and that their… more...


Block Party Food Suggestions

By DeniseW1959

We will be having a block party in June.  This is my first to attend and the first one for the street.  The…... more...


By Papillio

Hey smile

I’ve lost…... more...


By Souxi

Ladies last October I had a hysterectomy, yayyyyy! However the consultant left my ovaries, so, I dont really know, even…... more...

Frumpy in your 50's?

By Souxi

I know what she means. Does anyone else feel like this? Have you ‘let youself go’? I guess to some extent…... more...

Slimming World

By Souxi

Have any of you lost weight with SW? I am giving it another try. Sick of counting calories/points. It isnt a natural way…... more...