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Do UK Women Like to Gamble?

Activity Ideas

The UK gambling world is considered to be mostly dominated by male players. But is this really the case? Join us as we… more...

Activity Ideas for Roses

Activity Ideas

Roses can do more than just show off their prettiness. They can be used in many different ways. Here are some fun and… more...

Strategies for Working an Arts and Crafts Show

Arts & Crafts

If you are taking your arts and crafts hobby to a new level and you are trying to make a small business out of it, go… more...

You CAN Entertain in Your Small Space


If you have been avoiding entertaining because you live in a small space, put your fears to rest and just go for it. You… more...

Preparations for Flying with a Pet


If you want to take your pet with you on a plane, but have never done so before, don’t let the planning and preparations… more...


My Artwork

By SpinningJen

Here is some of my artwork.

I have a broad range of interests from nature, portraits to fashion design, so this…... more...


By kiwi

This poem is inspiring me today. Anyone have any poems they would like to share?

Still I Rise
By…... more...


By Papillio

As the title suggests, I’ve taken up playing the viola.

The old hands may remember I used to be somewhat…... more...

What are you baking lately?

By kiwi

This week, using my pumpkin from the farm, I made Pumpkin Chocolate Whoopie pies. They smelled amazing and were so yummy!…... more...

Christmas Cake

By Lindylo

Does anyone have a favourite recipe for Christmas cake. I’m thinking it’s coming up to the time to make it…... more...

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