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New Mom with a Low Libido?

Early Motherhood

Do you remember a time when it didn’t matter where you were or what day of the week it was that you are your partner… more...

10 Things to Think About When Making a Birth Plan

Planning & Pregnancy

If you are expecting a baby, the chances are high that the labor and delivery experience is consistently on your mind.… more...

A Guide to Setting Boundaries with Your Teen

Children & Teenagers

The teen years can be difficult on both parents and teenagers. Teens are ready to display their independence, yet they… more...

How to Instill Family Values

Family Life

As a parent it is easy to assume that our job is primarily to tell our kids what they can do and what they cannot do.… more...

A Look at Parental Grief

Early Motherhood

Parental grief is the most devastating form of grief. It is true that when a child dies, parents wish they followed close… more...


Has anyone used emergency contraceptive pill?

By Bean8630

Last month I used the pill twice in a week, because…... more...

Seven years today...

By Papillio

... since I lost my son. I… Honestly I don’t know what to do with myself today. I tried to be quiet, I tried…... more...

Is it hemorrhoids?

By meeshbenson


My son has been experiencing blood on the toilet paper after excretion. I don’t want to jump to conclusions…... more...

Tips to relieve gas and bloating during pregnancy

By meeshbenson

During my pregnancy months, I experienced more gas and bloating than usual. My significant other and I began to worry…... more...


By SocialGirl

... How are you doing girlie!

We miss seeing you around of late but understand you have possibly much on your plate…... more...

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