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  • I spoke to Vicky on the telephone last night: she is so much better. She doesn’t sound tired or too sick. In fact, her physiotherapy sessions have been going incredibly well.

    Having Vicky back is wonderful. I am just scared of her being re-infected. I know that sounds very negative but it is a real fear.

    Thank you all again for your support.…[Read more]

  • Thank you, Rachel.

  • My friend on an out-of-date website knew someone who went to primary school with Sade. I wouldn’t mind meeting her myself! She has the most incredible lips. I wish! I’d also like to meet Bono. Now he is totally cool.

    Another claim to fame!

  • “Gullivan’s Travels” was brilliant. The first part captivated me, I have to say. It IS one of the most famous scenes in book history. Jonathan Swift didn’t even have a computer – let alone Grammarly – yet he managed to write such brilliant work. I shall re-read Gullivan’s Travels in the future. It has such imagination and descriptions. An…[Read more]

  • Hi, .

    We our dance group has come together again so last night just 15 of us so i was dancing with 3  men druing the evening and my women friend as  we do go out a lot to the different dance,s, one guy is a Ball room dancer and he danced with his friend who allso is Ballroom and My friend Pam and 3 other,s get to dance with him, so is a lot of f…[Read more]

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  • cassandra replied to the topic Claim To Fame in the forum General Chat 1 day, 17 hours ago

    Famous people , Ive met lots ..My dad worked for Texaco oil in their London office so I met Nikki Lauder and James Hunt..

    My mum worked for Roy Kinnear who was a fabulous man he was just so kind and so lovely he used to buy us ice creams..

    Ive met Tony Curtis Rolf Harris and various other film and music stars,,but its funny when you meet someone…[Read more]

  • You watched it too much and wore it out Kitty 😀 😀 😀

    That sounds good though, very kind as they only usually have a year guarantee.

    I like watches too and have several so can accessorise. The trouble is time does not go for too long before one requires a new battery. I buy them by the pack and change them myself.

  • SpinningJen replied to the topic Claim To Fame in the forum General Chat 1 day, 18 hours ago

    I cannot think of anything of note although there have been little things over the years. I suppose it was maybe my earlier days in healthcare when the group I worked with were part of some world leading research into support for disabled people. I did get my name as an add to one or two reasearch papers. Various cuts came along and sadly changed…[Read more]

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    I cannot keep up with your pace Kitty but have just read Agatha Chritie’s “Hallowe’en Party’ over the past few days and now about to read a Colin Dexter Inspector Morse. Last week I got a couple of omnibusses so have six stories to read although I think I have read one before.

    I love reading too!

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