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  • Looking around there are various specialist forums for particular subjects or functions but I think Facebook is the most general. I have found that the social chat on specialist forums tends to cater for a small subset of the population, as one might expect.

  • Ive been asked about my photos quite a few times and Ive been told I should publish some .. Then someone sent me a link to an online self publishing photo website that allows you to set up store and offer photos for sale so I decided I would give it a go..

    Im not expecting anything much but its nice to have work out there..

  • Id never heard of ello.. It seems to be a platform for creative people which is great but how do you reach potential users or consumers for your product?

    I like FB it gives you the chance to have a personal account and a business or hobby page, and it reaches a lot more passing trade than a specialized website might.

  • My daughter has signed up with a cosmetic company and gets a goodie box each month paying just a fraction of the value of the goods. One thing she got two of was a face product called O2 its supposed to be 100% natural and it resets your skin’s Ph ..

    So I tried it after 3 days I was covered in pimples.. Obviously natural doesnt suit me!

  • I am also glad you enjoyed your dance group, Noeleena! Dancing is always a fun and social event.

    I have done line dancing in the past with my social group. I also like disco dancing. Just in a fun way, though! I do enjoy watching professional dancers, too: such as Jennifer Lopez and stars at the theatre. Theatre shows are amazing. When the stars…[Read more]

  • I had a few hours to myself yesterday, so took the time to read “Northanger Abbey” all the way through. I tend to read books slowly now: especially recently. I want to absorb the story and enjoy turning the pages. I shall read as much as I can: and not speed read. I am a book lover through and through.

    I really enjoyed the story and loved its…[Read more]

  • Ello is a great website! But it is no Facebook.

    I have been Googling Facebook alternatives: but with little luck. Nothing compares to Facebook. There are those that try to, but don’t compare. I think Facebook is one of a kind and its format and design cannot be beaten. I am still using Ello, but love Facebook too much to give it up. Even with a…[Read more]

  • yana replied to the topic Keeping fit. in the forum Health & Diet 2 days, 8 hours ago

    I wouldn’t cut out the possibility of yoga yet!

    I started doing it three months ago and now do it daily for 25-40 minutes a day. It’s been amazing for muscle development and my back pain from constantly sitting at a desk is completely gone.

    There are fast pace yoga styles for people who want more cardio.


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