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How to Avoid and Treat Those Inconvenient and Unsightly Skin Blemishes

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Why blemishes choose to arrive at inopportune times is beyond us all. They choose to creep up on us and manage to take center stage on the night of a special event, the day you’re visiting an old friend or just in time for an important business meeting. There it is for all to see; the dreaded blemish – on your nose, cheek, forehead or chin.

The pesky inconvenient whitehead, blackhead, not so jolly green giant, upcoming popper, inflammation or small enough to be annoying types are all we need to feel like burying our heads under the covers and lock ourselves in our bedrooms until the unsightly things have removed themselves from our faces.

How to avoid skin blemishes

There are many myths surrounding the cause of acne — one of them being a diet rich in fat and sugar as a contributing factor. Contrary to popular belief, there is no scientific data available on this correlation. It certainly can’t hurt to introduce healthier eating habits, but if you want to know the real contributing agents, read on for some examples.

Putting your hands on your face — The amount of oil and dirt that is on your hands would alarm you. By constantly touching your skin, you are transferring these agents to your face, which then cause irritation and blemishes.

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Hats, visors or headbands — Even though these items may be trendy accessories, they will suffocate your skin, leading to perspiration, which leads to blemish formation.

Prescription medications — Take a look at what your doctor has prescribed for you to take on a daily basis. Talk with your doctor or pharmacist to see if that particular medication may be a cause for the breakouts.

Pregnancy — Hormones are raging (enough said!).

Stress — When hormone levels go on a roller coaster ride, oil production increases.

Make-up — The ingredients that you put on your face every day could be irritating your skin. Purchase make-up that is specifically made for combination skin or that has virtually no oil in it. Also, make sure to change your make-up regularly and wash it all off at night.

Sunblock — Even though this is a well-needed item not only in the summer months but throughout the year, try looking for a product with little to no oil content.

Perspiration — If you just had a great workout, or worked up a sweat in some fashion, be sure to wash yourself thoroughly so that the sweat does not dry on the skin surface.

Hair sprays, gels or straighteners — The hairline will be affected by these agents since the chemicals used mix with the oils on your skin for a nasty combination.

Oils in your hair — Some like to wash their hair on a daily basis, and other’s like to wash it every other day. This is fine, but when you go beyond two days, the oils that your hair follicles produce will affect your hairline.

Vitamin deficiencies — You may not be getting enough zinc or vitamin A, which are proven acne reducers.

How to treat skin blemishes

There are tons of products on the market, and each will work differently on your skin.

Instead of trying topical treatments, blemish creams or oral medications, thousands have seen a difference in trying herbal remedies. They don’t contain any drugs or harsh chemicals that can aggravate the skin even further, will moisten without the interference of other residues which can clog the pores and will gently cleanse the skin without leaving residue on the skin surface. You can try the following remedies while always remembering to consult with your doctor first.

Basil leaves — The oil derived from boiling the leaves for 5-10 minutes has been proven to kill the acne-causing bacteria.

Calendula — This is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that can be applied to the skin as a face wash, cream or can be taken internally.

Garlic — It can either be ingested 2-3 times daily, which allows the body to cleanse itself of surrounding toxins, or you can rub it directly on the skin.

Remember that everyone has a different skin type, hence a different reaction to specific treatments; what works for one may not work for another. If you can create a healthy, positive lifestyle while avoiding acne triggers, you can diminish those unsightly skin blemishes!

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