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The Best Way to Keep Your Skin Moisturized Regardless of Skin Type

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Have you ever wondered why some women just have a beautiful complexion, no matter what their age or skin type? While some are just blessed with naturally beautiful skin and barely need to do a thing, most take the necessary steps to keep their skin healthy and hydrated which keeps them looking stunning. Depending on your specific skin type, various things need to be done to keep your skin looking its best. Many think simply cleaning and an occasional moisturizer is enough, but for proper hydration, there are specific steps that must be taken.

How to keep your skin type moisturized

How to moisturize normal skin

Many with normal skin consider themselves lucky and do little extra care; however, this is a huge mistake as normal skin can become dry or oily at a moment’s notice. Use gentle products that will not strip the oils from the skin. Oil-free moisturizers will help to maintain the correct balance of water, without creating an oily, heavy feeling.

How to moisturize dry skin

Caring for dry skin can be difficult, as finding and getting the right balance of moisture is tricky. Look for cleansers that are non-drying and avoid products that contain alcohol. Use a heavy-duty moisturizer on a regular basis to help add moisture back into the skin.

How to moisturize oily skin

While oily skin may not have the outward appearance of being dry and flaky, this certainly does not mean that it is properly hydrated. Often, even though there is outward oil, the skin itself is unable to retain the necessary water to remain hydrated. Cleanse skin regularly to remove excess oil, then use an oil-free moisturizer to help restore the balance of water in the skin.

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How to moisturize combination skin

Combination skin can be dry in some areas, while oily in others. Use mild moisturizing products that will be beneficial for both areas of your skin. Exfoliate dead skin cells to give your skin a smooth and even look. Choose a moisturizer that is oil-free to avoid adding excessive shine to the oilier sections of your skin.

How to moisturize sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is often very short on natural oils, making it prone to dryness, redness and flaking. Using cleansers and moisturizers that are formulated for those with sensitive skin is recommended. These products are usually free of chemicals, dyes and fragrances that can cause itching, flaking and outbreaks. Taking proper, daily care of your skin is the best defense against problems with wrinkles and dryness that are caused by dehydration.

Skin hydration tips for all skin types

Some hydration tips are applicable to every skin type. Follow these simple rules and you will notice that your skin looks and feels better, every day.

Hydrate your body to hydrate your skin naturally. As your body begins to lose water, the first place that it pulls it from is your skin. By ensuring that you drink enough water each day, you will provide your body with the fluids it needs to function, while keeping enough water in your skin.

Never over-cleanse. Washing your face or skin too often can strip essential oils from the skin, creating a more serious dry skin problem. Some oil is necessary to protect the skin and help it to retain moisture.

Avoid harsh environments. Extreme sunlight, heat and cold can wreak havoc on the condition of your skin. Protect yourself with sunscreen or moisturizer, and cover exposed skin when possible. Indoors, use humidifiers to keep dry air from draining the water from your skin.

Dump bad habits. Smoking, alcoholic beverages and caffeine all have poor effects on the hydration of skin. Cut these factors out of your life, or at the very least, keep them at a minimum.

Eat well. Diets that are balanced and include enough natural fatty acids help to keep the skin hydrated and elastic.

Remember the rest of your body. Of course, the face is the first thing we think of when it comes to skincare, but the rest of the body is just as important! By moisturizing from head to toe, you’ll get the all over glow that you have always wanted.

Having beautiful, hydrated skin does not have to cost a fortune. By knowing your skin type and understanding what you need to do to keep it hydrated and healthy, you can have beautiful glowing skin. While adopting good skincare practices later in life may not turn back the clock on damage that is already done, it can certainly prevent future damage. Do your best to care for your skin and enjoy the beautiful effects.

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