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How to Find the Perfect Nail Polish Color That Is Just Right for You

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Learning which nail polish color options are right for you is crucial if you want to build up your wardrobe of polishes. There are so many nail polish color options available that it can be mind boggling to know which ones to choose. After all, colors that might look great on your friend or sister may not look so hot on your nails. Read on for some tips and advice.

Choosing nail polish that’s right for your skin tone

Women who have porcelain or fair skin will generally find their hands look the best when their nails are painted in lighter shades. Lighter shades that have pink or blue undertones work very well on light skin tones. Women who have dark tans or who have natural olive skin tones can pull off wearing darker nail polishes. Dark berries, golds, russet browns and even oranges look nice on tanned or olive skin. Women who have dark skin tones will find their deep, rich shades of polishes work the best for them. Color options can include anything in the red and purple categories.

Does your nail polish work with your lipstick?

One of the easiest ways to determine if a nail polish color will look good on you is to know whether a lipstick in the same shade would flatter you. If you don’t look good in orange or red lipstick, bypass the orange and red nail polishes. A good way to get a good foundation of nail polishes is to look at the lipsticks you have in your makeup bag and try to find similar shades of polish to add to your collection.

Matching nail polish with your wardrobe

If you plan to stock up on nail polish, take a look at your wardrobe before you go to purchase anything. You should purchase nail polishes that will complement your wardrobe, not clash with it. For instance, pastel purple polish probably won’t pair that well with your wardrobe if the majority of your clothes are deep, rich colors. Consider the dominant color of your wardrobe when you make nail polish purchases. However, if you do have that one special dress or outfit, by all means feel free to buy a special bottle of nail polish for when you plan to wear it.

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Choosing the right nail polish for certain occasions and events

Sometimes the shade or color of nail polish that you will choose will be determined by where you are going. For instance, you would probably want to forego the blood red nail polish if you are going for a job interview at a law firm or bank. In those situations a neutral, more sedate shade of nail polish would be better suited. On the other hand, if you are going to a party or holiday event, you can opt for your wildest, craziest shade of nail polish. Parties are a great place to pull out all those colors you wouldn’t dare wear elsewhere.

Match your nail polish with the seasons

Just like almost everything in life, nail polish has it trends and seasons. During the spring and summer months it’s generally advised to opt for lighter and/or brighter polishes. The cooler months are generally when the deeper, darker colors make their entrance. However, despite these generalities, there are nail polish trends. If wearing neon colors is all the rage, by all means go for it!

Choosing the right nail polish color

If you are still uncertain what shades of nail polish will work the best for you, the easiest thing to do is to schedule an appointment for a manicure. Let a professional offer suggestions on what will work for you and what colors you should avoid. Arming yourself with this information can go a long way in helping you choose the right colors when you are on your own and shopping.

Another fun way to determine what nail polish colors will work for you is to go to your local discount store and purchase ten or more bottles of many different colors of nail polish. Keep what works for you and give what you don’t plan to use to a young sister or niece.

Once you learn what nail polish colors and shades work for you the mystery will be solved. You’ll soon find that you will be able to tell at a glance if a color is right for you.

Proper nail care is essential!

The most important thing to remember is that keeping your nails clean and neat is more important than the shade of nail polish you are wearing. You can have the perfect shade of nail polish on, but if your cuticles are torn, your nails are jagged and your nails are just down-right dirty, no one will even notice what color of polish you are wearing.

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