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    Do you think the government advice that we eat five servings for fruit or vegetables every day is realistic? Do any of you actually reach this recommendation? I find it difficult to actually eat so many fruit and vegetables even though I love them.

    I eat an apple and a banana pretty much every day and have vegetables with dinner but even then I have only hit 3 servings. Throw in a juice and I might hit 4 ….

    Am I alone here?!


    Well I think it is a good target but it is hard to reach. I will normally have vegetables with my dinner, ocassionaly i will have a peice of fruit during the day but thats about it. So I suppose on a good day I only get 2 servings? Still alive though!


    I make a conscious effort to eat fruit and veg frequently, but like you Sally, I don’t often make the five servings every day!


    I am pretty sure I don’t hit this target, but I make a real effort with the kids. They have either fruit juice or a piece of fruit in the mornings, then for lunch I tell them to make sure they have either some fruit or a serving of veg. When they get home they get fruit or vegetables as a snack then of course more veggies with dinner.


    I don’t like most of fruits & vegetables, maximum I can eat – some salad at my dinner.


    I don’t like vegetables much, don;t mind fruit though, but I don’t manage 5 portions a day – maybe 3 or so.


    I do eat an awful lot of fruit. Sometimes I have tinned fruit for breakfast, with a fromage frais on the top and a handfull of special K. I keep the fruit in the fridge so it,s nice and chilled. I do like most veg but I dont have them every day. I think that sometimes it,s just laziness on my part. I just can,t be bothered. I should do though. I,m making a concious effort to take better care of myself.


    This just makes things even more confusing as fruit has such a high sugar and carb content. If you eat five or more peices of fruit a day then surely there is a trade off in terms of all the additional sugar and carbs you are consuming.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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