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    Hi there. I’m greensun. I’ve never been good at introductions, so I’ll stick to a TL;DR for now.

    I recently had a life-threatening medical event and now everyone in my life including my therapist has magically forgotten what I’ve said for years I need in life. I’m lonely and steadily slipping down the depression spiral. I’m searching for IRL support groups, but ultimately none of them suit my situation, so I went looking for an online community and found my way here.

    I need a place to talk without others minimizing me with their personal baggage, but I’m also looking to connect with others whether through life experiences, shared interests, or simply gushing over videos of cute puppies.


    Hello Greensun. Welcome to the forum.

    It’s a bit variable here as it waxes and wanes, but there is a steady following. I love dogs, as well as puppies. I don’t have a live one, but several cuddly ones lol.

    Call me Jen. It’s nice to meet you 🙂


    Oh if you want someone to gush about dogs look no further…

    hes mine BTW.

    Seriously… sorry youve had health problems and that you have been let down by those who should be supporting you right now, hopefully if nothing else the ladies here should be able to lighten a little of that loneliness.

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    Welcome to the forum, greensun.  You’ve certainly come to a good place, filled with a diverse group of women.  You may not always agree with or want to hear some opinions, but they all come with good intentions.

    I’m always up for cute pet pictures/videos.  🙂


    Hello greensun, welcome to Female Forum!  My name is Mary, and I joined several months ago, after I was finally ready to start moving on after I ended a long-term abusive relationship last year.  I’ve felt so much wonderful support sharing here, there are so many amazing women who visit, and it’s been lovely connecting with people who either understand or at least sympathize.  I also post at a couple male-dominated forums, and in my opinion this is a very safe place in comparison, where your opinions and thoughts are respected instead of ridiculed, and I’ve felt there’s much more sharing than arguing here.

    Please totally feel free to share or discuss anything you’d like, in my experience pretty much everyone would be happy with anything!

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    welcome to the group, i am sure you will meet interesting people people here that will not minimize you and share life events.

    i recent got a two year old male rottweiler stud, so will be interested in your puppy information


    Welcome to this forum, greensun. I agree that everyone shares their experiences rather than dictates what someone should do: we all have good intentions with our advice. I can be blunt myself, but am never rude or condescending.

    I look forward to seeing if I can offer any advice!

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