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A big hello……

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    Hi everyone….

    Well this is my first post here and I’m going to keep it very short….

    I hope everyone is ok under these extremely trying times….

    That’s all from me for now…..i did say it would be a shorty……

    I will return with a bit more gossip about myself soon……..take care….


    Hello . Looking forward to hearing more about you.


    Me, too!

    Welcome to Female Forum, Flossy.


    Hi Flossy!


    Greetings from Colorful Colorado, Flossy!


    Hi Flossy, welcome from the Uk šŸ™‚



    Hi Flossy and welcome from me too, I hope you enjoy it on here. Sandra x


    Hi everyone….and thank you for the warm welcome….

    Well I’ll tell you a little about me….

    I’m very happily married to a wonderful man….yes even after all this time I can still say that….we have two adult kids, no longer living at home, but in there own homes not so far away….

    I’ve no grandchildren….which I don’t mind, as my sister’s have quite a lot between them…..

    My husband and I are both retired….so have a lot of freedom to do presicly what pleases us…which is mainly holidays….large and small and the garden…..

    I hope I haven’t bored anyone…..just a taster to start off with…..

    No dought more will be revealed as we continue to get to know one another……..Flossy…


    Hi Flossy..


    Im in a similar postion, in many ways. Ive been married forever… My children are grown up and although I have two grandchildren they live abroad so I only see them a couple of times a year.

    OH doesnt work anymore due to ill health and so we spend our days walking in the countryside and indulging in hobbies such as jam making, baking and beer brewing.

    Holidays are difficult for us but we live in such lovely surroundingsĀ  that just a trip down the road is like a holiday..

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    Hi Flossy, I have been married a long time and have 2 grown up children now, I work part time ( working from home at the moment) and like to chat on here when I can as it helps keep me sane at times of stress.


    Hi Flossy, Welcome, I’m new here myself. I’m happy in a 45 year marriage, one son.My husband and I are retired and live on a small farm, we grow mostly organic greens for sale at our roadside stand.


    Hi Butterfield, sounds nice living as you do and organically as well.


    HelloĀ  from me too Butterfield. I grow a bit too but only to supplement our own food. Unusually here a vegetable garden with few flowers.


    Hi Jen ,you get up early lol.

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