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    I consider myself a happy person and see no need for any of Facebook’s drama added to my plate. The people from high school I wanted to stay connected with I gave them my information then and we keep in contact through text and phone calls. I am currently in college so those friends can easily get in touch with me. My family also knows where to get in touch with me.


    If I may ask, Mellow Yellow, what are you studying at college?


    If I may ask, Mellow Yellow, what are you studying at college?

    I am studying to become an Art Teacher.


    Facebook has helped me find & stay on touch with so many friends & family, all over the world. I live in Iowa, in the states, but I can share in a friend’s vacation China, chat with my nephew stationed in Kuwait, pray for a friend in S Carolina, give encouragement to a friend in Washington state, etc. Not to mention seeing neices & nephews grow up! Over the last few days, I’ve been able to talk with one of my best friends for hours & he’s in Germany! These things keep me happy! My life is so much richer with these people in it.

    Facebook is like any other inanimate object. YOU choose how to use it & how you let it affect you.

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    I was on Facebook for many years as early as my college years to as recently as this United States Presidential Election. The election and the hate that spewed from many Facebook posts and ads I made the decision that I didn’t want to be apart of that atmosphere any longer and left. If was the best decision I ever made.


    When you end up an art teacher, you’ll love it! I’ve attended art classes and having a wonderful teacher inspires the students. And I am sure you’ll be a wonderful teacher.


    Here is my take on Facebook and I will put aside all that is going on with the security issues that it is having right now. When Facebook made its splash its main purpose was for people to be able to reconnect with others from their past. That focus has long gone away. Facebook now has exploded into much more that in my opinion become detrimental to the social media site. First when all the outside ads an posts were allowed to be posted things really started to get political and when that occurred members started acting like A-Holes. Then when they started with the live posting. Sure this helped small business owners who were running their own little internet businesses, but it also opened up the opportunity for kids to post anything and also suicide videos. So Facebook has come far away from the original goal they once had when they started and many of those things in my opinion have not been good.

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    I suppose with the giant that is Facebook there are going to be political agendas; fights, even. It did start out as just wanting to re-connect people, but has grown, and with it, the problems. But anything the public uses can result in conflict/in-fighting/political agendas/etc. I think this is because people create problems. And issues – not just global issues – do spread like wildfire. And things have not been good: not with everyone and their wife using Facebook. The site does have to be carefully monitored and there are many staff who work at the corporation to keep the site safer than it would be without checkups.

    That’s how I see it.


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