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    I like this TV show. But there are problems with it. Such as:

    1. The couples never purchase any of the properties
    2. When they do, they either pull out later or leave it too late to buy the property
    3. The couples expect a mansion for $200,000: you’re not going to get a palace for that kind of money
    4. The properties are always too small or in a too close community

    Those are my views. What are yours?


    I enjoy watching this and escape to the country… I just like looking at the houses and seeing which if any of the choices would be mine…


    I also like watching the house flip shows on TLC just to see how the wrecks turn out…


    I sometimes watch these too. I don’t envy those who buy the wreck of a house sometimes though. They do make money but it is a lot of hard work.


    I wouldn’t envy someone having to construct an entire house from a rundown wreck. Or even a bare plot of land. It’d be too much hard work, too much hassle – and to me – a waste of money and time. I would much rather have a readymade house or type of other building. It’s a nice idea on paper, but just would never appeal to me.

    Still, A Place In The Sun is a good TV programme and is entertaining. But the points I made about it I stand by. Still, it’s entertainment and a fun way to look at foreign countries and wish yourself somewhere else! Preferably Spain or Greece. At least, for me!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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