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A spooky getaway

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    If you and your OH fancy a getaway with a difference this Christmas, you could try one of these spooky hotels. Who knows, you might end up with an “extra guest” at dinner!! :ahhh:

    1. The Kirkstone Inn, Cumbria. This hotel is said to be haunted by the spirits of unlucky travellers, a woman who murdered her own child and a 17 century coachman.

    2. Castle Stuart which is close to the battlefields of Culloden in the highlands of Scotland. Legend says that one brave soul was so determined to prove the castle wasn,t haunted, that he accepted £20.00 from the Earl of Moray and spent the night in the castles east tower turret. He was found dead the next morning, having lept to his death during the night. :ahhh:

    3. The Schooner Hotel in Northumberland is said to be Britains most haunted hotel, with strange noioses, lights turning themselves on and off, and eerie footsteps along the corridor, when there is no one there!! This hotel was featured in an episode of Most Haunted.

    4. The Jamaica Inn. This most surely be one of the most famous hotels in Britain. It is said to be rife with the many ghosts of smugglers of old. This was also featured in an episode of Most Haunted.

    5. The Chequers Inn, in Kent is said to be haunted by the ghost of a soldier from the Napoleonic wars. Apparantly one night on returning to the hotel, one of the local lasses plied him with drink and tried to seduce him. Once he fell asleep she tried to rob him. He awoke and in the struggle that followed, she inflicted a fatal stab wound.

    6. The Black Swan in Devizes is aid to be haunted by a woman whose spirit wanders through walls, and also by a pair of legs with no body attached have been seen wandering around.! :ahhh:

    7. The Langham Hotel in London is said to be haunted by a German Nobleman who lilved there for a while before throwing himself out of the window after the love of his life rejected him.

    8. The Ostrich Inn in Slough has quite a violent history. It was owned in the 14th century by a couple called Jarman.They had this nasty habit of plying visitors with drink and luring them to their “special room”, to sleep, and murdering them whilst they slept. They are said to have murdered at least 60 people this way. !!

    So there you go ladies. Some nice hotels with a difference if you and your loved one fancy some festive “spirit” this year. (pun intended) 😉

    All this spooky info from http://www.spookystuff.co.uk. Brings a new meaning to the “spirit” of Christmas doesn,t it? Ok I,ll stop with the bad jokes now. 😉


    oooooooo Souxi rather you than me lol x

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