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    I train at the gym three times a week but I am not losing weight fast enough, my personal trainer said that I should go on a paleo/keto diet as it is a fast way to lose weight. Have any other women here tried this? What were the results?


    First off the diets you mentioned are not one in the same. The Keto diet is a diet that focuses on changing the three macronutrients(fat, carbs, and protein). Basically eliminating different things from those food areas. As for the Paleo Diet it is more about your food choices. You eliminate dairy, grains, and processed foods, but balance the fats, carbs, and proteins any way you want. Good luck. The main thing with the Paleo diet is eliminating processed foods.


    Changing diets won’t make a difference… what you need to maintain is a calorie deficit. If you eat less than you burn, you will lose weight. Focus on eating unprocessed foods (vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, wholewheat carbs, etc) and you will lose weight. Weight loss isn’t a race, there isn’t such a thing as “losing fats enough”, everyone is different. Some people lose a lot of weight quickly, others take more time. As long as you are improving your diet and fitness, that’s all that matters.

    I would recommend keeping a food diary, this way you can keep track of what you eat, your portions and change what needs changing. I personally use an app called Yazio ( which counts my daily calories. It also offers a wide variety of healthy recipes which is great 🙂


    From what I understand losing weight slowly is better than losing it fast. I am no expert but I suspect fast loss is not good as the body cannot adjust fast enough to the lower weight. You may end up with imbalances, fatigue and all manner of other issues. I would agree with good fruit and veg rather than ready meals. I am not sure about red meat, but quality food has got to be better, and proteins are essential for muscle tone.

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    I second SpinningJen: slow is best. Boring but true. For weight to stay off, it has to come off slowly. Yes, there are millions of diet pills, diets, meal replacements, etc. But the weight just comes back on again. Plus, you need food for your body to work and do all its processes correctly. Not to be gruesome but your blood needs food to give you energy to live. I would advise exercise rather than lack of food. Much better muscle tone and strength than a tiny body. At least, that is what I would choose for myself.

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