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advice on a new diet

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    Just as someone above me said, the right way to lose weight is slowly. If you lose fast, you’re doing something wrong, and you most likely start yoyoing from gaining and losing. The best way to lose weight is slowly and steadily.

    For me what helps is cutting off carbs as much as you can. Instead eat more fat and protein. Carbs make you absorb more water and that’s how you also gain more weight (through water weight).

    Try to eat less processed foods and enjoy the meal you make by yourself. Fill your stomach with more veggies rather than plain carbs (pasts/rice/potatoes).

    If you still need carbs, whole wheat carbs is better because you still need fibre.

    And i dont know about your height, but try to calculate your BMI in the internet and see how much calories you should eat to lose weight. I personally have to eat 1200-1300 calories a day to lose half a kilo a week (I think its 1 pound)



    I second your post, Schala. Losing weight permanently means slow and steady. Crash diets/starving/diet pills/meal replacements work briefly, but then the weight comes back on. In some cases, it radically increases weight. The body also needs food for its various functions. Food is the energy of the body. Therefore taking its energy – lack of eating – will make the person very sick and unhappy. Short term fixes just don’t work.

    Just eat sensibly and exercise. I know it’s boring and this advice would not sell many diet books, but it’s true.


    My biggest danger is probably carbs as I eat a lot of bread. I eat very few, what are generally regarded as, processed foods. Meat – sausages once a week. Burgers once every two months. Seldom ready meals – I cook fresh food most of the time, and almost no processed dairy, except cheese. Cold meat – maybe once a month I buy a couple of hundred grams. I am a little low on protein although I do eat fish at least twice a week (I love my fish and chips on Fridays!) as well as a good portion of fresh meat once and nuts here and there. Eggs once a week. I don’t count calories though. It’s more the attitude to diet rather than application with me. I am probably a creature of habit though.


    Too much exercise also drains me out faster as well, so perhaps that’s why most people don’t exercise regularly. For example I was running 3-4 times a week for a whole hour (I was running 10 km), and although it shaped my body pretty well and fast (in around 2 months I already seen drastic change), I stopped because it was too difficult for me to continue with the routine. I burned out pretty fast, it also made me feel hungrier which made me overeat a lot of times.

    So now I’ve started running again, but only half an hour a day (6 days a week), half an hour isn’t much at all, and i feel like its a much more sensible and durable routine for me that I can manage to add into my life; as in, a regular thing for me, not just for dieting, because its healthy and does make me feel better, not just for the dieting purpose. (and btw, this is my third week and I already feel my body is stronger ).

    I haven’t lost weight yet tho, actually, I gained 1 kilo since starting, but its normal to gain weight when you strain your muscles at the first 2 weeks, its like a way for your body to protect itself (the muscles) so my body absorbs water weight. But after 1-2  first weeks the weight will start to drop, losing weight will take time, but don’t fret! its completely normal as long as you really stick to your diet and not overeat. I’ve already lost the weight I gained, I actually reduced half a kilo. I started from 57.7kg, gained weight and reached 58.5kg, and i lost It at the last 2 days and now I’m 57.3kg.

    I’m saying this because you said you haven’t been losing weight fast enough, and I’m also saying it to anybody who started exercising and saw themselves gaining weight instead of losing it and lost the motivation cuz of it – this is completely normal, its a body mechanism because your muscles aren’t used to what you’re doing to it, its not fat weight, its water weight and you’ll lose the weight after 2 weeks. after the first 2 weeks you’ll start to see progress.

    And remember, muscles have more weight than fat, so the best way is not to trust your scale, but looking at the mirror and seeing the change in your body.

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