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Affect of Pornography In a Relationship

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    I’ll chime in. Being all for equality and women’s rights I feel that porn really keeps women objectified as sex objects instead of the human beings that they are. I think I would be disappointed if I found out he was watching porn because it just seems demeaning to women in general. I think too many people give men a free ticket to do things in the name of “he needs…” instead of expecting them to behave respectfully towards their partner or women in general.


    Hi AVERAGE JANE, nice post I don’t think anybody has mentioned how demeaning it is for us.


    Thanks mikki I think people are just to “set in their ways” to see porn for what it really is. Or maybe it’s the Women’s Health class I took last year that truly opened up my eyes on the issues women face with inequality and being objectified.


    I understand how you feel. When I first starting seeing my now-husband, one of his friends said to never ask him not to go to strip clubs. He said if he goes and sees beautiful women and then comes home to me I should be grateful. I disagree. If I don’t turn him on, then he should find another woman who does. I told him that I felt like I should be more than a warm, wet hole, and coming home after seeing women he was actually attracted to, turning off the lights and using me like a piece of meat while he thinks of ANYONE else actually means he doesn’t love me, he doesn’t like me, he’s using me and doesn’t feel anything for me.

    My husband stopped going to those places on his own. We’re still married, and that friend’s wife divorced him for cheating on her. He’s still bouncing around between twenty-somethings, and we’re going on 17 years, and I still can’t believe that a cool, popular, fratlicious guy like my husband would be interested in a nerd like me. For some reason, he seems to be.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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