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    Two weeks ago Tineke Geessink, a woman from a town near me died, she was 72.

    She made the news and the record books when on March 21st 2011 she gave birth to her daughter,  she was 63 at the time and had gone to Italy to have IVF with a donor egg implant.


    Now I understand the drive some women have to be a mother and I understand how IVF and other advances in fertility treatment can extend or improve the chances of a woman being able to have a child but please ….63????

    Now that little girl is just 9 and she is orphaned no mother, no father (IVF from a donor) and no grandparents . That little girl will grow up with other family memebers but its not the same and while accidents can happen to anyone is it really responible to put a child on this earth knowing that the chance of you being there to see that child grow to an adult and be able to care for them are slim?

    I honestly believe that the menopause is natures way of telling us we are too darn old to have kids and while being an geriatric mother might be possible I dont think its sensible or fair on the child.

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    I would think it likely that the stress of childbirth and subsequent early life probably took it out of her physically too. I have very mixed feelings about IVF in this crowded world.

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    . I have very mixed feelings about IVF in this crowded world.

    I must admit I do too.. Especially when its used for someone like this who has just waited far too long or for those who want to get into the record books for being the oldest or the most multiples etc.. Using an unborn child as media hype is disgraceful.

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    Why any medical professionals would agree to it is beyond me.  They should have their licenses revoked.  Maybe, that’s why she went all the way to Italy…they were the only outfit she could find to perform the procedure.


    This choice of having a child at 63, knowing no one would be there for that child if something happens, seems pretty selfish. I’m not making a sad judgement.

    I think this person was probably feeling extremely lonely and probably hurt. She was craving for filling what was missing in her life. I can understand this feeling. However, by making this choice, she impacted another life, who might be now also damaged by the consequences of her mom’s acts. That is the sad part.

    I really hope this little girl will be well taken care of and grow up happy.


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