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    Now I don’t like alcohol myself: due to some bad experiences with it.

    Can YOU live without alcohol? Or is having a few glasses of wine of an evening too important to not do? Could you manage to socialize without drinking? I’ll have one or two drinks so as to not look square, but I don’t drink so much I can’t walk in a straight line. Actually, I could happily – and do – live without alcohol. I don’t need drink to ease my nerves or numb the pain.

    If I do drink it is only to not look square, as I’ve said. I don’t like to be drunk: in fact I hate being drunk. I have been drunk once or twice: never again. I am happy – therefore – to say I am not a drinker.

    Your views? Your take on alcohol? Could you be with friends and not drink?


    As someone who absolutely never drinks and drives I’m quite happy to leave the alcohol in the bottle.

    I don’t like spirits so a glass of wine now and again with a dinner is lovely but to be honest if I never had an alcoholic drink again I wouldn’t miss it.


    I used to drink far more than I do now. It’s years since I couldn’t walk in a straight line. Live without? Probably but maybe not likely.


    Drink just doesn’t appeal. I don’t know why, but I simply don’t drink alcohol. I could, if I really wanted: I have no one to stop me. But – again – it is a habit that has no appeal. I mean, those glasses of vodka aren’t going to stop tomorrow coming, are they? Using alcohol as a crutch to deal with problems does not work. It just makes everyone around miserable too.

    I realize alcoholism is different to drinking to socialize: hence why I drink a few glasses of something so as not to look square. Because – let’s face it – drink can be enjoyable and pleasurable. Having a few glasses of vodka is hardly a crime.

    Anyhow, just to show I realize the difference between social drinking and alcoholism.


    I used to be a big wine drinker and spent time reading about wine, going to wineries and wine festivals and of course drinking my fair share. A health problem halted all that 4 years ago and although I can have 4 ounces of wine a day, I don’t bother.


    You don’t have to drink to fit in. If they have a problem with it, then that’s on them. I tried drinking as a teen & stopped for personal reasons shortly after. From that point I have not touched a single drop of alcohol and am not ashamed. Yes people will ask and offer but if you don’t feel comfortable, then don’t do it. Be yourself with no need to explain or apologize to them.

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    You are right, Sutt89. And I agree if someone was my friend, they’d never pressure me to drink. Still, it saves hassle to just have a tipple. People can be very pushy and I don’t like to get into an argument with anyone. It just seems easier to have a small drink and be left alone. But I do know that if someone really were my friend, they’d never pressure me to do something I didn’t want to do. Sometimes, though, you have to pretend to agree with some people, so you can get away faster. Standing there arguing just prolongs the situation.

    However, you’re right with your advice. It makes sense.


    I used to like a gin and tonic at times but as I am on a health kick ( again lol ) I have eased off now. The pubs being shut has helped off course, hubby does sometimes like a glass of wine with our dinner but I am re-educating him. Being a typical guy though he will have a beer anyway.

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    A lot of men do seem to like their beer! Of course, many women do too. But many men do enjoy beer.

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    Hi Kitty, I find beer bloats me up whereas a nice G and T is divine sitting on the patio watching the sun go down.


    It is especially nice at this time of year to watch the sun go down: and on a patio! I live in an apartment – so don’t have a patio – but wish I do now!

    A cooling Gin & Tonic is a nice way to relax of an evening when you’ve been busy all day.

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    Even better if hubby cooks dinner as well lol.


    Having dinner cooked for you is wonderful.

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    Hi Kitty, having dinner cooked for me does not happen often enough, however I do reward him when he cooks lol.


    If my husband goes anywhere near the kitchen its with strict supervison.. Sadly his mother was one of those types who didnt think boys belonged in the kitchen so he never learned and when we were young there was no time.

    Now his hearty man style cooking tends to turn my stomach.. I let my daughter play cook with him, today they made meat loaf last week it was soup.. When she says she cant manage huge portions he listens so it works out for all of us!

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