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    Today I want to share with you my “one-track-mine”. I’m going to start my fifth work! I always change work because I feel never in the “right place” 

    Have you ever felt this condition? I’m very curious and I look forward to reading your replies.

    Have a good evening 🙂 


    Does that mean you have already had 5 different jobs- and you are only 25 years old?? To me thats extraordinary Giada.  How do you expect to build up seniority or a retirement? Perhaps you need some career counseling dear, to help you find the job that “feels right” for you.  And no, I’ve never been in that position.


    Yes Giada, I made the mistake of changing jobs too often and yes you don’t achieve seniority or a higher pay grade. So if you get a job you like stick with it. Hope you all have a lovely evening too.


    In some ways I never felt in the right place. I am always interested in new ideas, but there came a time with the family etc. that a balance needed to be set.


    Yes Jen starting a family does affect your job prospects though some employers are quite understanding now  but not when I was expecting, I did manage to climb back up the greasy pole a bit but not as high as I shoud have been.


    I have stuck with the same job for 10 years now. I don’t see the point of finding another job: it’d just be another office. I just stay where I am, and will always do so. Plus, I worked very hard to get that job. I had to graduate from college, work in a shop for 6 weeks, which I hated. I vowed from then never to work in a shop. I am sure there are many who do enjoy shop work, but I am not one of them. I’d only change jobs if I moved away. I am happy for now, however.



    I was the same as I worked in a shop before starting my career, I had to wear a uniform of sorts and well standing on my feet for hours was agony. The worst bit was if things were quiet you had to find something to do and yes time dragged by so slowly, never again.


    I would hate the standing for hours! Often I am likely to fall asleep if things are too quiet, or I get tired. That was one of the biggest problems with my last job, as, especially in the summer heat, I often nearly fell asleep when driving long distances.


    That is not good falling asleep at the wheel, but I am sure we all have done it. I wonder if you get fallen arches standing all day, especially in flats.


    It does make you respect people who work in the shop more. Because when I was in Tesco I realized how public facing work needed a lot of confidence and determination. These shop workers go into the shops day after day, for years and years. Part of them must get some sense of satisfaction and enjoyment out of it. They’re not having a party, but they do feel achievement. At least, I assume so. Working with the public is not easy: I couldn’t do it. But they do. I suppose experience makes me realize all this.


    well Kitty, I guess that why we call it “work”.


    Shame we have to work but money does give you choices in life and job satisfaction to a point.


    One good reason for not having millions maybe? It would be very nice, but life could get boring and it would perhaps be hard to constantly find things to do rather than waste away. At least with work you are forced into some kind of action.

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    I do agree Jen, if you did not get up in the morning to because you had to, you life would waste away. Just for a while it would be nice to have a lot of money and treat yourself though.


    I agree SpinningJen: work does force oneself into action. I never miss work and always feel glad to have gotten up and ready for work. Working gives you a sense of achievement. I am very ambitious and motivated, so this is right for me. Now, I will never work in a shop, but it is many’s lifeline, so I don’t knock them. But we all have to work: no one is exempt. And money never comes for free.

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