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Always Vaguely Ill

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    …And I don’t know why. Every day I feel nauseous and slightly dizzy and just like being sick. I have a slight headache and a bit of a sore throat. My stomach also hurts sometimes.

    What is this vague illness? It’s not coronavirus: I’ve felt this way long before the pandemic. I never feel completely right. I also always feel slightly achy and just tired.

    Of course I carry on normally with the day and don’t tell anyone. But this illness has always been there. I just never feel right. I suppose I am just wondering what your health complaints are? Do you ever feel like I’ve described? What did you do about it? To be honest, resting isn’t enough: it is still there afterwards. Seeing the doctor won’t help: she’s already done the best she can. I have told her all this: and there is only so much she can do. I just carry on, knowing I’m ill.

    I know I don’t have coronavirus, but I’d like to feel like a regular, energetic person.


    You know it might not be one thing. Sometimes listing symptoms causes confusion because there is no one thing that fits them all.


    Its worth getting normal blood work done but also think food allergy or vitamin defiency these thing can also play a role in how we feel and function.


    The first thing that comes to my mind is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Like Cassandra said, you should get blood work, to rule out everything else.  Here’s some basic information about it.  You can do more research as well.




    I know that feeling Kitty.

    I have had a stomach problem for a couple of years. No one can find what it is after all the tests. Some weeks it feels as you describe vaguely unwell and other times it’s painful. Especially in the mornings. ( No, it can’t be morning sickness. lol) Ending up with its just fine. (The fine lasts for about an hour or so) but I rejoice in those hours.

    I’m quite lucky for my age.  Still relatively fit and other than some down below problems which are better now. This wasn’t always the case. I had to retire early due to health. I would still like a part-time job but being over fifty. It’s hard to get anything. They say there’s no biased. But when I have been for job interviews before I’m either overqualified or too old. They don’t actually say this in the sorry but you have not been selected letter but its the vibe I always get. It will be even harder once this virus eases and more people out of work.  But I don’t let it get me down.

    I’m currently setting myself goals to archive in fitness. My latest is running 2k in under 12 minutes. I have a long way to go but I’m getting there. I find that takes my mind off my stomach and indeed other issues.

    Maybe set yourself a goal. It might help you forget about your troubles.

    But in the meantime keep pestering your doctor. I don’t personally have much faith in the health system. Its let me down on a few occasions. But I did find if you keep on giving them a nudge they will eventually do something. Have you had any blood work? It may even be a hormone imbalance or you’re lacking in some vitamin? Just guessing.



    The fatigue syndrome sounds likely to me too. One thing I do find is that when I have finished a big project, either artwork or other things, I do find that I am heavily fatigued and have difficulty doing anything. At this time of year it is much worse as the heat is energy sapping. I am well aware of it so I don’t worry too much. although at the moment I have to be careful to not get too run down as the virus is about. I do find I get small ailments like colds or a cough at this time.

    Tell me Kitty, have you tried yoga or something to relax your mind. I know how you drive to keep busy and also keep your place clean. Maybe you need to learn to relax, even though you maybe think you are doing?


    You’ve all hit on an important point: when I was younger I spent a lot of time in bed asleep. I just could not get up. I would walk around in a daze, wanting to be asleep. It was only when I got my apartment that this changed. I realized I had to pay the bills and had to work: both home and in the office. I even had to graduate from a number of night classes to catch up on my education. Before that, I had little motivation. Lying in bed was all I wanted to do. Unfortunately, the landlord doesn’t care if it has to change tenants: so I work in spite of the tiredness.

    I saw the doctor numerous times and had blood tests, but nothing came up. I lost a lot of enthusisiam for life before my apartment. Thankfully, I am able to get out of bed in the morning these days. But my life was ruined as a young person because of always wanting to sleep. No one understood this: and I have never told anyone else about it.

    It sucks, but I can’t turn back time. Being ill a lot is horrible and difficult for others to understand.


    I do also think the bugs in my gut are making me nauseous. Wanting to be sick all the time is horrible. It isn’t lack of food: I eat enough. It is my gut that makes me ill.

    I realize this is different to my previous post, but that was true too. I guess I am just a sickly person. I try to not be so, but it isn’t easy. I don’t feel sorry for myself, though. I still keep busy. I just feel nauseous a lot.


    The bugs in my gut always make me ill. I feel rather sick today because of them. I’ve got a headache and feel nauseous, as usual.

    Why me?


    Are you a nervous type of person, and worry about it?

    We grew up just learning to get on with things. When I think about it I do have grumbly tums, sickly feelings and other but mostly almost ignore them. When I was little I ate virtually anything edible, frozen, cooked and even uncooked, straight out of fields and hedgerows too. Thinking back, it did cause a few issues but I think it did help with longer term immunity.


    Well, I certainly feel ill today. Last night my lips went blue: I was freezing. I also have a headache and slight temperature. I feel rather nauseous, actually.

    I shall stay in today. Because I am ill, I don’t want to infect anyone. But hopefully I’ll be better soon.


    I have felt the same again for the past few days. I have a phone conversation with my doctor tomorrow, so will mention it then.

    It is just a vague feeling of being ill: I don’t know how else to describe it. Right now I have a pounding headache. I don’t have much of an appetite, either. I think I just have to accept it’ll always be this way. There isn’t much my doctor can do that paracetamol can’t do. But I do help myself by going out for a walk in the fresh air everyday. I eat properly and normally. I sleep at night. I look after myself in other ways, too.

    I definitely take care of myself.


    I feel sick again today. I have a headache, am sweaty and feel nauseous. I feel dizzy, too and feel as if I have a temperature. It isn’t hunger, though: I had plenty to eat yesterday and never starve myself.

    I won’t be going to hospital: I can get better at home. I just feel so ill.


    [quote quote=214325]I feel sick again today. I have a headache, am sweaty and feel nauseous. I feel dizzy, too and feel as if I have a temperature. It isn’t hunger, though: I had plenty to eat yesterday and never starve myself.

    I won’t be going to hospital: I can get better at home. I just feel so ill.



    Could it be an inbalance from the heat ? Sometimes when its very hot and you drink a lot you need a little more salt to balance your body..Try some plain crips or salted crackers..


    Yes I felt similar one day late last week too but I knew from experience I was dehydrated. It’s not obvious unless you are familiar with it as plain water does not instantly sort the problem. I think the biggest issue is that it is difficult to think straight under such circumstances though. There are similarities with diarrhea which results in loss of fluid too. Replacement of body salts is part of the treatment.


    Thank you, SpinningJen. You have been very helpful. It must be the heat. I have been drinking water and have the windows open. I am sure I will be fine. I still have a headache, though. But that can be sorted with paracetamol.

    Thank you, guys!

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