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Always Vaguely Ill

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    I tend to always feel nauseous and vaguely headachey. I become dizzy quite easily, too. However, no one knows this. I just always feel “off” and I don’t know why. It’s not diabetes: the blood test I very recently had ruled that out. I can also fall asleep very easily: even in the daytime. I also feel sick in my stomach sometimes.

    What could be causing these symptoms? And how do I tackle them?


    Could your blood sugar be going low? I’m hypoglycemic, and so that means I get low blood sugar without being diabetic.

    Also, if you’ve got digestive issues and shouldn’t have wheat, maybe it’s something to do with digestion…


    Very good points Rebecca! Lots of activity, even just mental, can use up energy. I know that sometimes I just feel totally drained even when I have not does any real physical work, just trying to sort out a problem in my head. On the other hand a relaxing walk in the springtime sun seems to use less calories and even improve things.


    Hello SpinningJen.

    You’ve got a point: using up mental energy can drain a person. Yet going out for a walk does increase energy levels. Because – ironically – the less a person does, the more tired they feel. Whereas if they’re active, they have more energy to do things.

    Back to me: for the past few weeks, my legs have felt heavy and like an old lady’s when walking to my dad’s house. I feel really drained and like I am walking in syrup. It’s horrible. I don’t feel ill today, however. I don’t have a headache or anything. And my stomach doesn’t feel sick.

    I think I’ll be alright. But I still feel there is an underlying health issue that I don’t know about.


    I still feel ill: I have a headache and feel nauseous.

    Not great.


    Same again today.


    I’m feeling better today: I had a nap in the late afternoon and woke up refreshed. A good sleep always helps. AND my headache is gone, which is wonderful. I am also glad it’ll be springtime soon: I am very much looking forward to the warmer months.


    And springtime is a great time to declutter! Bin bags here I come! And I will be left in a clutter-free, pristine apartment. PLUS I will be having a new carpet put in and a new bathroom floor laid down. Next year it is the turn of my mattress! It’s all new stuff ahead.

    A change always does one good.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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