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Always Vaguely ill

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    I don’t know why, but I often have a headache and feel nauseous. Sometimes I feel like vomiting and just lying down. I can feel queasy, too. Just to clarify: I am not expecting.

    Anyhow, I often feel vaguely unwell and just sick to my stomach.

    What could I have?


    You know if you have any doubts you should see a doctor.. Having said that do you have any underlying health problems that could be causing your symptoms?  My own health issues cause me to sometimes become exhausted and tearful.

    Could you be suffering an allergy to something? Its worth keeping a food diary to note is there is any pattern to these attacks and it can be very unexpected.. My daughter  is allergic to courgette (zuccini)  we didnt know it but after keeping a food diary we noticed she always felt unwell the morning after eating certain dishes and the common link we found in all of them was the courgette..

    Also have you checked your sugar levels, high sugar levels can cause a banging headache and nausea.

    Just a few things to think about.. Hope you find the culprit soon …


    I echo what Cassandra says, see your doctor. A few years back I was losing weight too fast and, I think, on the edge of anorexia as I began to feel ill whenever I ate anything. I knew it was eating as friends said I was getting very gaunt (unlike now where I am looking good with lower weight). I realised and broke the habit but it’s easy to be in denial, even if you are otherwise healthy.

    Stress can easily cause the symptoms you are suffering from too.


    Thank you for all your replies. It is also like feeling hungry but unable to eat anything. I saw my doctor a few weeks ago, but did not mention these symptoms. I should have, really. But – alas – I didn’t. I see my doctor again in a month or so, so will mention it to her then.

    But it has always been this way. I am on medication for other health problems and definitely don’t want to take any more. But I will still talk to my doctor. Having a churning in my stomach and a headache is awful. I also get dizzy sometimes and have to lie down.

    There is definitely something wrong with me: perhaps a bug? I don’t want a blood test any time soon, though: I’ve had a million already.

    Thank you for all your advice: I will consider what you’ve suggested.


    Have private messaged you back KitKatKitty!


    I still feel ill today. I went to bed early last night: I had a splitting headache and a slight temperature.

    I hate being ill. Even now I have a headache. I guess it’ll pass, though.


    I’m sorry you’re not feeling well.  Seeking your doctor’s opinion would be the best thing.


    I am sorry to hear Kitty. I would like to suggest a way of helping but I cannot think.


    Just hearing your support, SpinningJen, is enough: my only option, really, is to go to the doctor. Still, I don’t know what she’ll be able to do: I’m on enough medication as it is. I am not dismissing all your advice, though: it makes sense and I will follow it. But I do wonder if I’ve got some kind of stomach bug. Maybe these bugs are what are making me ill. But the doctor will diagnose my illness.

    Again, I appreciate all your support.


    I feel ill again today. Again, it isn’t a serious-I’m-dying sickness, just general unwellness. Hopefully it’ll pass, though.


    Well maybe it is the change in the weather which is not helping? This seems to happen, at least to me. I have gained a bit of a cough this past week.


    Strangely enough as the weather has cooled my joints ache less, but OH is coughing like a demon as people stoke up their awful wood burner fires and fill the air with wood smoke.


    I cannot really understand these wood burner fires myself. To burn wood and pollute the atmosphere when we should be trying to reduce these things?

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