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    who is completely wound up by online forms?


    you fill it out, you press submit, you get an error: this isn’t right, this is the wrong format, their has been an error with the system… I hate online forms, they really irritate me


    yesterday I spent 15 minits trying to fix an issue with one.. never could so just gave up with it before I completely lost my mind. lol


    Forums not so much but I almost threw my pc out the window today I was so frustrated by a photo app.

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    I hate it how some forms are so designed for a specific input so try to correct even the correct things you put in.


    the worst form I’ve ever had to encounter is registering for Gmail


    no matter how many times I tried to fill the form in it wouldn’t let me pick my gender


    so annoying


    gmail has a forum? *blinks*


    btw hi emily


    No ‘forms’ not ‘forums’ Marcilena. Like tax forms which take ages and have to be perfect or you lose out or have to re-do. You must have come across some horrors too?


    Marcilena- hi!. it is good to meet you and I love your username (if that’s your real name, beautiful!)


    I am sure gmail has a forum, somewhere.


    I mean: I wonder how the millions of users ask questions? (I don’t know if it does, but somewhere on the net, their is probably a place to ask!)




    forms for what?


    Thank you but no it’s not my real name. It’s a variation of it.



    forms for what?

    Any online forms.  In Emily’s case, the one used to register for a Gmail account.

    Some online forms are so long that if you spend any time away from it, it ends up timing out, and you have to start it over again.  Some are broken up into smaller chunks, having you save your progress before proceeding to the next page.  Some are just annoying and not user-friendly.


    i guess i don’t remember it being that bad. the forms i hate are at the drs office.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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