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    is anyone planning to get anything on amazon prime day?

    may start getting some christmas stuff- and see if I can find any deals on electronics (especially fridges, I need a new fridge)

    anybody else going to buy anything?


    I will have a look around but Im not looking for anything specific, although I have promised OH a new dinner service.

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    I bought most of what I wanted in the last couple of months or so from and  I’m expecting one other shipment from  I’ve had my eye on a four-bay NAS [Network-Accessible (or Attached) Storage] for a while.  I’ve also had my eye on an air fryer lid for my InstantPot.  I doubt there will be a deal for the NAS.


    Oh, I forgot to add…

    I hope you don’t have any trouble getting a new fridge, Emily.  Here in the US, appliances seem to come scarce lately.  I read about Edgar’s experience on

    A co-worker is having the same issue, even though his fridge is more high-end.  He also tried the repair route, but getting the part(s) would still be problematic.  He ordered a new one, but he’s keeping his fingers crossed.




    Things are fluctuating here in the UK a bit but luckily I bought a new fridge at the beginning of summer so I should be Ok. There does seem to be similar ones to mine available but the range seems more restricted and prices higher.


    During lockdown, a lot of people were doing home improvements or remodeling.  I can’t see how this would cause a such a shortage…unless one adds in hoarders?  Maybe, reduced output at the factories as well?


    I could never be a hoarder, TestDummyC: I am trying to throw things away – not buy new things! Admittedly, I did buy a new set of headphones from Amazon a while ago, but they were necessary. I buy what I need, rather than want. I don’t want my apartment overflowing with stuff. I am not a minimalist, though: I do have treasured ornaments.

    Anyhow, Amazon Prime is a great service. No wonder Amazon is global!


    Kitty, I didn’t mean that people bought fridges to hoard the fridges themselves, but to have an extra fridge to store all their hoarded food and beverages.

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    I’m avoiding Amazon for Prime days. Silly me, but it might help keep me on the path of buying less of what I want and then not having funds for what we need. Like winter outerwear, which is on our list for next week when we get a couple government deposits.

    I’m not planning to buy much for Christmas online, just new Narnia book sets for two of the boys and Wings of Fire (dragon books) for another. Then I’ll go for little things at the dollar store. Two of the boys were born in fall and one in winter, so that will also lead to more book purchases probably!


    It maybe shows the power of marketing when Amazon Prime Day is actually two days. I suppose it is like Black Friday lasting (seemingly) endlessly.

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