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    I am a 31 year old married mama. I currently work a job that helps with the bills, but I have no passion for what I’m doing. Before having my children and getting married, I worked constantly. I had many different jobs and did this just because I liked money and staying busy. My oldest is now 10 years old and my youngest not far behind. I miss the busy feeling. The money too lol. I constantly read these stories about entrepreneurs and hear of people who hustle and move and a piece of me is jealous. I have this ambition in me, but no idea on what to do with it. I’ve thought of going back to school. I went to school previously, but don’t currently work in that field. I was kind of pushed through school and did not take it as seriously as I wish I would have. So I am now hesitant of getting more student loans. I guess I am just looking for guidance as far as what steps I can maybe take to find my niche. I don’t really have any passions, maybe that’s where I should start. Test things out and find what interests me…ugh, I have no clue…any suggestions?


    It perhaps does depend quite a bit on where you are for what opportunities there are. Although I was (and still are not) sure what direction my work career may take I was always pretty sure what subject(s) were my favourite. That being so, when I was at a loose end (so to speak) in my thirties I went back to college for higher qualifications. I never took school seriously either, but by then I was more mature. I think there are several approaches, from following a (achievable) dream, to taking taster sessions to see what you like. Schools and colleges have careers advisors. Perhaps there are ways you can get to see one?

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    I agree with SpinningJen. Seeing a careers advisor is the best route.

    I also wish I had taken school more seriously: I have a lot of regrets in that department. But I went on to graduate from night school and college. I never went to university, but did work very hard. Anyhow, night school is a great option for gaining qualifications: especially if you’re working. They do night school in every college. These tend to cater for adults. I’d telephone your local college and request a prospectus for next September. Or you could consider a home learning course. These tend to be more difficult, personally. I would not be able to manage such a course myself: I do think having a classroom and teacher makes learning easier. Anyhow, those are two options.

    Definitely take advice from a college careers/course advisor about which courses would best suit your needs and requirements.

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    Sure see what your passions are but also see where your talent lies…

    My son always wanted to be a chef like since he was about 3 ..So he went to school he studied he passed all his exams and became a chef but… No one had considered how his growing list of food allegies would impact on his work and the fact that his ADHD was made worse by the quite  abusive situations there are in some commercial kitchens.

    So he switched to IT they need quick ever changing answers, never staying on the  same job too long and he loved it he grew and grew until he is now an international team leader and travels the globe checking his teams,giving tuition and solving their problems..

    He still loves cooking and thats a passion but his  talent to thrive workwise is in IT so dont cross something off your list just because it ist your nr1 passion..To succeed you need passion and talent.

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    I thank you all for the advice. I will look into speaking with an advisor and I appreciate you taking the time out to give me your thoughts. Thank you again!

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    Good luck!


    Have you spoken to an advisor, CuriousHeart? I’d be interested in an update. I think you could go further with your education. I know I worked hard to gain my qualifications. I did a Human Biology course at night school and did well with that. Because of it, I was able to get a job with a charity, which I still do to this day.

    I look forward to hearing your update.

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