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    What are you up to? I’m browsing on my computer and drinking a cup of coffee. I have put on a load of laundry, too.

    How is your Sunday going?


    At 7:41 I was making my breakfast. After that I got ready to go out and do the weekly shop. I like to get there as they open at 9:30 and have most of it done as the tills open at 10:00. It gives me chance to have a look around other shops nearby before I go home and make lunch.


    That makes sense, SpinningJen: shopping on a Sunday can be the best day to do it.

    Funny story: on Sunday [the day of my thread] my sister and I drove to the supermarket. We were just out of the car when she realized she had not brought along her handbag. So, we had to drive back to the house and then back to the supermarket. We just laughed about it, though! I definitely don’t think she’ll forget her handbag again!

    Anyhow, my Sunday [aside from the handbag incident], went well. Lovely weather, too. I do love this time of year.


    At least it was only left, not lost, Kitty. I don’t tend to forget my bag as I keep the house and car keys in it so would soon notice. My bad habit is to sometimes forget the shopping list. It does not change much so I would not have to go back for it although the local co-op is more expensive than supermarkets in town.

    Yes I like it now it is warming up. I have to keep my seeds watered in the greenhouse, but love looking round watching for the little seedlings. It gets a bit of a jungle later in the season, but so calm at the moment.


    You’re right, SpinningJen: my sister’s handbag was better to have been left at the house rather than lost.

    It’s interesting to read about your greenhouse: how many plants do you have? Is it a year round hobby/profession?

    It isn’t Sunday, but Wednesday. I have put on a load of laundry am drinking my caffetterie coffee. I have my routine.

    Have a nice day!


    I have my routine too Kitty, but it was put out a bit when I took my car for it’s MOT yesterday. Like a doctor’s surgery, but better with coffee on constant supply lol. I was sat there wondering how things have changed though as I only got little chance to chat as most everyone were online on their phones 🙁 . A good point was that it passed though 🙂 . My greenhouse and plants should be year round but I get less enthusiastic in the winter. It’s mainly a hobby but I do supply my mother with fresh produce as well as ourselves. I mainly grow vegetables which this year are including Lettuce, Tomatoes, Tomatillos, Runner Beans, Broad Beans, Carrots, Cucumbers, Aubergines, Sunflowers (for looks and the birds), Turnips, Garlick, Potatoes and Radishes.  Many things I plant in the greenhouse and move outside as they grow as I use containers for most things. Outside I do have the Apple Tree, a Cherry Tree (only miniature and I have yet to get fruit), two Fig Trees, a Gooseberry Bush, a Loganberry Bush and several Redcurrent Bushes as well as various herbs. There are also other odments from past years as I don’t like to kill anything, so if it is not troublesome it stays, and it keeps wildlife interested.

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    I don’t garden myself, SpinningJen, but what you do sounds wonderful: growing vegetables is great. My dad does a lot of gardening [although he doesn’t grow veg: just herbs and plants] and really enjoys it. It’s great to have green fingers.

    It is another Sunday: Easter Sunday. I have made my cup of coffee and am browsing the Internet. I shall go to my dad’s house later this morning/early afternoon. I am definitely looking forward to eating an Easter Egg! . Anyhow, have a wonderful day and enjoy your Easter eggs!


    spent morning in bed with my new over active BF. He left after lunch. I usually visit my BFF in afternoon and we go swimming or shopping. I avoid professional activities on friday and sunday as my carefree days of the week. sunday is party night and friday is my church day


    Today is Saturday. As it is a sunny morning, I have gotten out of bed earlier than usual. I have made – and drunk – my cup of coffee. I have also eaten my breakfast. I just ate a bowl of cornflakes.

    Last night I gave myself a manicure: I used a gorgeous Barbie pink. I have always loved my nails and have been painting them forever.

    Anyhow, I am listening to the Kylie Minogue album “Impossible Princess”. It’s awesome.

    Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


    I was up earlier too this morning. I have had breakfast with a pot of flavour leaf tea. There is a very good tea shop here in Lincoln. They have lots of different teas. Look up Imperial Teas Lincoln on Google to see.


    Another morning is going by. I always have my caffetterie coffee in the morning and browse the Internet.

    I see myself as a Bill Gates. I have always used the Internet and love computing. A computer is a lifeline. I think you’d all agree with that! I remember an old school friend – before I had my own computer – and I had felt a little jealous of her computer. She inspired me to learn to use my dad’s first computer and I haven’t stopped. I am clever with my computer. I think you all are, too.

    Anyhow, a few thoughts to add!


    Another Saturday is here. I have drunk my caffetterie coffee and am browsing the Internet, as I do.

    Enjoy your weekend, everyone. How are you all spending it? I may be going to a food festival today. But we’ll see.

    Your plans?


    Sorting the plants out in the garden and greenhouse yesterday, they are growing well!  Then I visited my mum. Today it’s the shopping as usual.


    I have had  my coffee. I am rather sleepy still, however! I am listening to a Kylie Minogue album to wake me up.

    Have a nice Sunday!


    It isn’t Sunday [obviously] but I hope everyone is enjoying their day!

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