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    On the Sunday you first posted your thread, I was in Chicago going to a Celtic Woman concert (had an absolutely wonderful time!)

    This past Sunday was Mother’s Day here … I woke up in a hotel as I’d gone with my fiance to a family wedding.

    Normally I go to Mass on Sunday mornings, then come home and make breakfast and have a cup of tea.  A few weeks ago was Easter, which was my fiance’s first Sunday as a Catholic after he was Confirmed the night before.

    On Sundays for breakfast I make this special treat, it’s basically sausage patties and scrambled eggs with lots of cheese, baked in english muffins covered in a maple-butter glaze.  It’s really rich and a sticky mess, but sooooo delicious.

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    That sounds yummy, Mamie. I am rather hungry now! Screw the diet. LOL.

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    It’s another Saturday morning. I have drunk my caffetterie coffee and have eaten my breakfast. I am just browsing the Internet. It is a trip to the library later on today for me. I will also pop into a shop for various goods.

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!


    Sadly my weekend has not gone to plan. Ive developed a bladder infection.. (my first ever).

    A quick trip to the out of hours doctor and some antibiotics to bring home should see me well again in no time but it is quite painful..


    I hope your bladder infection heals soon, cassandra.

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    Get well soon Cassandra 🙂


    I’m really sorry hearing about your bladder infection Cassandra .. I hope your antibiotics have started kicking in and you’re feeling better.  Infections are just awful 🙁

    Try it out Kitty!  Lately I’ve been using Quorn meatless breakfast patties in place of my sausages (for my sandwich, Matt still likes real pork sausage), and it’s really good!  You’ve got to set some slack room in your diet if you don’t want to break from it, right? 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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