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    You’re lucky, Rhonda333. I wish I were fearless. Being secure and never worried or scared must be wonderful.

    If only.


    I can see that too, but the trouble with being confident and fearless is that people always look up to you for answers. When at work I was in that position, whether I was suited or not.. It was rewarding, but can be very tiring. It was hard when I needed help, and had difficulty finding it. Even those people need support.


    Girls, I work in a mans world- and I suspect some of you do too.  If I were not confident these guys would run all over me. It started with staff conferences- I’d start to advance an opinion and I’d get interupted and talked over as if my opinion didn’t matter. It was time to assert myself from the very beginning- and I did. That first day, and the fact that I am as tall as any man in the business, puts me on equal footing with anybody else in the office. And remember my background- I started out with enormous prejudice against me- from at least the guys, not the girls.

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    As old fashioned as this sounds, it can be a man’s world and women in power do have to step up to the plate. You’re right about your stance, Rhonda333. One woman I admire is Theresa May. Now, although a lot of people do not support the Tories, they are in power and having a woman in charge does give female empowerment.

    What did get me was Theresa May being called “ugly” by the Guardian. At least, that was the indication of the article. She is NOT ugly and is not a “bitch” or a “stupid” woman. She is the Prime Minster. Now – again – the Tories are not popular with everyone, but even other party supporters have to admit Theresa does have nerves of steel and is every inch woman.

    I like other women in power, too: women have come so far in society. Not just in politics, but in science and the creative arts.

    This is what inspires me and why I do not like anxiety. I want to be important and being afraid hinders anyone with anxiety. Because – I know – deep down that life is not scary: it is how I approach my life. It is all perception of the mind.

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    I work in a very male-dominated field, at least almost all my peers are men.  I’m the only woman on my team (not including my boss, who always looks out for me), and I struggle often.  I’m not really good at asserting myself, and a lot of times other people get credited for my work.  I mostly avoid confrontation, and I rely on others (like my boss) to stand up for me.  Maybe I sound weak and pathetic, but that’s just my personality and who I am.

    I hate when men give me career advice, it’s always just so bad .. telling me I should “just do” things he thinks are easy, but if I did them I’d get a completely different reaction than he would.


    I don’t know about you situation Mamie, although I can imagine, but it has been my experience that men often just say things without thinking them through. Some can even be very selfish in seeing you make a mess of things. We women tend to think more about the consequences. It’s the skill of a good manager to sort through these types of suggestions quickly and reject little thought out suggestions.


    Men and women do differ. In general, men can be more direct and less emotional. Of course, that’s a bit of a stereotype – because not all men are the same – but it could be true in general. Women are mostly more aware of consequences, although this is not true for every woman. But dealing with a “man’s world” [an old fashioned term, I know] women do have to be tougher and lay it on the line [corny but true]. The workplace is not for the soft hearted, really. So I get why women have to be more of a man.

    Again, this is a little stereotypical, but it is often true.

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