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    Hahaha… Martin is funny lol…

    Are you considering a natural birth kiwi? Have you thought of giving birth in water…. My SIL swears by it… She did it with her second child and said that was definitely the way to go.


    I am planning for a natural birth… I’ve been preparing as much as possible with techniques I’ve been reading from a textbook called Hynobabies which is a home study course for relaxation, birthing positions, and different ideas to help leading up to the and throughout the birthing process.

    I even bought a labor TENS machine, which is used in the UK for natural births but no one has heard of them here in the USA. I also bought a labor ball to use at home in early stages of labor.

    I would have loved to try a water birth but at my birthing center they don’t offer that option they do have large jacuzzi tubs to soak in which Martin thinks he will be using 🙄


    I think he is probably going to need to 😆

    What is a TENS machine…


    Ohhhh, I love e-readers and tablets. I’m a big classics fan and I can download limited editions. I love the Bronte sisters, Wuthering heights by Emily and Jane eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Anybody else into a good classic read?


    I have also enjoyed many classics.

    At the moment I am reading the next book in the series of Assissins Creed series.

    I have over the past few years started reading fantasy and really enjoying, so I am not stuck on any particular genre.

    The only genre I don’t read is horror.


    Well Ja… Like you say… There are love stories and there are love stories lol

    As a matter of interest Lisa did you read Fifty .shades of Grey?

    No i haven’t yet, I’m not too sure what to expect.


    Neanderthal Meets Human

    This is the book I’m reading now. Usually I’m reading about three at one time but I sometimes need to go back to what’s comforting, and I loved this book and am about ready to read the next installment. Anyway, it’s a smart romance, meaning the main female charecter is not some brainless girl who looks and acts perfect. She’s a BRAINY girl and I like that.

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    Here we go, I am reading:

    – Longitudes and Attitudes by Thomas Friedman

    I like:

    – First and Foremost by Steve Bruttig
    -The pope who quit by Jon Sweeney


    I am reading:

    – Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty
    (I’ve read a few of her other books too)

    I like anything written by Steve Martin too. I usually find an author I like and end up reading all their books!

    Annelee, Longitudes and Attitudes by Thomas Friedman sounds interesting. I tend to pick up books that are easy to read, light in context, or dramas. I prefer something I can relax with, I’m guessing Longitudes and Attitudes wouldn’t really fit that description! Why did you decide to read Longitudes and Attitudes?


    Have since decided to stop doing this particular one. Since, I found it got too hard to keep up with it. Especially, over these past couple of yrs.

Viewing 10 posts - 121 through 130 (of 130 total)

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