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    I am looking to chat with women who may be able to relate to me. I am in my late 30’s and been with my guy for almost 5 years now. I feel quite alone in my situation since I love him and he treats me well but we aren’t married yet. All my other friends are married, divorced, single but have kids. Are there any women out there who are like me cause I feel alone!


    Hello, nice to meet you!

    There are some women more your age here, but do not assume that when children come along things are rosy and one is never lonely again. What happens when they fly the nest? Just join in our discussions. You may well meet someone your age who likes to talk, but the group is friendly and all ages.


    well some of us are in our 50’s dear. We can still chat and even relate to you- having been through that stage.


    I don’t mind chatting with women of all ages. Meeting new friends is nice. I just feel as though my friends who are my age can’t relate to how I am feeling and I can’t relate to them either in a lot of ways. I can talk about memories I have with them or work stuff, but I don’t have anything to add about having kids or being married and that is pretty much a main topic in everyone my ages lives presently. I know having kids won’t solve being lonely it would just temporarily ease it until everyone my ages kids flew the nest at the same time. I just feel like I am way behind women my age and am hoping to know I am not the only one feeling that way.


    I may be 52, but I can relate to your situation.  I don’t have children (by choice).  Although I enjoyed hearing people tell stories about their kids, they either thought 1.) it might be a sore subject because I have none of my own, or 2.) that I don’t like children, or 3.) there’s something either physically or mentally wrong with me.

    Sometimes, it sucks feeling like an outcast, but “keeping up with the Joneses” is never a reason to have children.

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    I have always wanted children. So for me sometimes it is hard hearing about other peoples because I desire it so much and just don’t know if it will happen for me.


    I am 38 years old this year and yet I haven’t had children. I don’t even know if I will. But I have a good life: my own home, a job, friends & family. That is all I need. But being near 40 years old does make a person wiser in many ways. I am far more accepting of myself and just get on with life. It’s a shame, though, that I have not yet met someone whom I could have kids with.

    But who knows the future?

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    I’m going to be 31 this coming year, been with my current man for about a year. I do hope that we get married soon, maybe within the next year or so.


    Hello GirlPowah88. It would be wonderful if you got married! I assume you’re a happy couple. Since you most likely are, maybe he will pop the question? I don’t think 1 year is too short a time to get married.

    Anyhow, you’re at a good age. My 30’s have been the best decade of my life: now you’re entering your 30’s, you’ll find the same. We are so much wiser than we were.

    Anyhow, I am at a good age.

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