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    Happy Birthday Kitty x


    Thank you, SpinningJen! I had a wonderful evening meal. My brother – Andrew – and my best friend, Vicky, were there. We ate lasagne and I received wonderful presents. Weirdest gift of all time: a battery powered tarantula. Yes, really! And I love it! This is because I love spiders. In fact, I found a small spider in my bedroom the other night. I had no glass nearby, so I lifted it onto my hand and carried it outside. I like spiders and believe them good luck. Anyhow, I had a great birthday and felt really treasured & special.

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    That sound good Kitty! Luckily your birthday is far enough from Christmas to be separate. The tarantula sounds good. Spiders are charmed in our house so we generally leave them to sort out all the other bugs. I have put them out, on occasion, but they generally come back in again. I know this because I put one out onetime, and it hasd a missing leg. Half an hour later it was back in again (I recognised it).  I have carried spiders in my hand, but I prefer to use something to carry them as some apparently have been known to bite. Unless you are allergic they don’t tend to be dangerous here though.


    I hope you had a happy birthday @kitkatkitty!

    I had a really good time with my fiance this past weekend, he and I had a wonderful talk about our future and plans for children.  I went to a resort with him up north, it was really magical!

    I’m having some issues at work, my boss (who’s a woman) came to me about a job opportunity with someone else leaving, and she feels I’d be perfect for it.  I have this horrible feeling I’m not going to get that position though, and I’m once again going to be passed over for one of my lesser qualified male colleagues.


    Just keep working at it Mamie! Confidence shows through. Good luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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