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anyone getting ready for christmas?

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    this week in the UK, the tv started playing all the christmas music and movies (and we’re only  in october!)


    defenetly tuned to all the christmas stuff though, and it’s got me feeling quite festive and planning christmas.


    does anyone have any traditions?


    mine is to always watch muppet’s christmas carol on christmas eve. it’s such a nice movie!


    and to always have a roast turkey on christmas day with all the trimmings


    I’ll be alone at christmas (no family), but that’s cool. christmas is just so magical for me


    discuss christmas in this thread….


    I have to start my planning early too. My family are in the UK and Ireland so presents have to be bought and wrapped then sent well ahead of time.

    I like to make photo christmas cards too, we only send 10 other people are mostly on FB and they get a Christmas photo greeting there, but the money we save on all those cards and stamps we double and donate to our local food bank.

    I also make all my own cakes and mince pies so I have to put the dried fruit into the brandy or rum mix to let them soak and swell and mince meat is made and put away to mature.

    I wont eat mince pies  or Christmas biscuits (lebkuchen) before December and never put up my tree until after 5 dec  because that is St Nicolaas a big tradition here.


    I have not done anything yet but have decided on one or two presents. I don’t put the decorations or tree up before December either. There has been mention (by me lol) at our last art group meeting (now re-started) about our Christmas card secret santa (in which we make cards for each other).

    It’s usually carols from King’s on the TV and I cannot miss The Snowman and the Snowdog at least once.


    Growing up with a German mom and having lived  in Germany a while.  I put my tree up on the 6th as well.  I also keep it up until the 6th of January…or even later, because it’s soooo pretty!  It’s common for people to put up Christmas trees on Black Friday and take them down after all the presents are opened Christmas day.  Here, Christmas season starts on the day after Thanksgiving, which is the 4th Thursday of November.  That’s considered Black Friday, when all the stores have their sales and are mobbed with customers.  Some stores even open on Thanksgiving.

    Personally, I make sure I have everything I need, food-wise for the entire week on that Tuesday (or before), since I refuse to go out that entire weekend to face frenzied shoppers in stores and on the streets.

    I have a small family, and we have everything we want or need, and we’ve never gone overboard for Christmas.  So, we don’t trade gifts.  We made large meals to share and used to trade off on the holidays.  One year, I’d host Thanksgiving, and my parents would host Christmas.  The next year, we’d switch.  Now, I host all the time.  Last year, we also attended celebrations hosted at my mom’s care facility.

    I spend about $300-$400 on good couverture and baking supplies to make chocolate truffles, Christmas bread(s) and cookies.  I don’t bake the typical colorful iced sugar cookies.  I bake a couple of different spiced cookies which require no icing.  I’ve never made it, but one of these days, I’d like to try my hand at lebkuchen.  I hand out goodie bags to all my neighbors, coworkers, friends, and parents.


    Come on Lebkuchen are easy…. and fun



    and I have to admit a love of magenbrot its slightly more peppery than Lebkuchen and the glaze is a bit less sweet too.


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    I have begun my Christmas shopping. I have bought three or four gifts so far. I shall be sending mostly everyone I know a card. Plus a keepsake for those “more important” [for lack of a better term] people in my life. TestDummyC: I also refuse to go Christmas shopping the weekend before the big day: the shopping centre will be rammed. No: it’ll all be done well in advance.

    I will be cooking Christmas dinner with my sister. I have done so for a good few years now. I do get a little stressed in the kitchen BUT it’s not as if we are cooking for the queen! And I do look forward to the celebrations. I used to go out for a Christmas meal with my old employer. I also went out for a Christmas meal with my social club for a number of years. I certainly am very sociable!

    Anyhow, it isn’t too early to prepare for all the Christmas celebrations. And I do rather enjoy being organized and thoughtful to the people in my life.


    Thanks, Cassandra!  I bookmarked those pages for later reference.   One source of recipes that I’ve used is Chefkoch.de, which appears to be Germany’s version of allrecipes.com.  The recipes are all in German.  I still understand a lot of German, but whenever I’m stumped I  can easily use the built-in translator in Chrome.

    I’ve made quite a few recipes from that site.  I’ve also bookmarked a few pages for later reference, to include a Lebkuchen recipe as well as a Lebkuchengewürtz mixture.


    I’ve made Kartoffelklöeße, Rotkohl, Sauerbraten and more.

    It looks like my Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte picture has been down-voted to #2.  LOL




    I like to use recipe pages that have been translated into my own language because sometimes using them in their original language asks for ingredients which are not easy or possible to get hold of, it’s like when I see English recipes that demand suet we just can’t get that here in Holland so if I go and look at a Dutch recipe it gives a good alternative with the correct weights.


    LOts of people here decotrate the outside of the house with lights. But OH decided that as we are noth getting older ( yes I did give him a slap for that comment) climbing ladders and trying to fix up lights in December might not be wise so we have just bought one of those LED projectors for outside which has several different slides including a snowflake pattern which OH really likes .. There is an option to stop the motion.. It also has slides for birthdays and St Patricks  day among other things..


    If it keeps him happy I will go along with it.. and I know my neighbour will be jealous because she doesnt have a flat wall to use one on!



    I love Christmas! I came up with gift ideas for the boys and found items for my mum without trying hard (lighthouse decorations and books work for her). Our decorations will go up sometime after November 11 (Remembrance Day here) because we have an artificial tree and plenty of decorations. We don’t have light strings outside but I’ve got a little projector that looks good when pointed at the front of our townhouse. We don’t usually bake, but I love shortbread and the special dinner (maybe ham this year since we did turkey this week for Thanksgiving). No shopping the weekend before the holiday, so I’ll need to be prepared with the food purchases before.

    Favourite movies: Muppet Christmas Carol, White Christmas, The Shop Around the Corner, Charlie Brown Christmas (okay, not a movie but it needs to be in our mix) and probably others I’m forgetting. The DVDs stay out for viewing all year if I want! Let’s add the Star Wars Holiday Special, too! 😉


    OK as I mentioned elsewhere my last gifts have been ordered I bought wrapping paper and tape this week and Im just waiting on two deliveries ..

    I am early even by my standards but…. With the situation and partial lock down I know that oline sales are going to be the only way for many people to shop so stocks will start to run out quickly.. Plus our country is on the verge of a total lockdown…..

    Then there  is the problem of postage I checked royal mail… Their postal dates for anywhere outside the UK are very early this year.  From here in the Netherlands I use DHL but even then I want to beat the rush and avoid any disappointment.. I would rather my grandchildren had an early surprise than have them empty handed, waiting until all the festivities are over before they receive their gifts.


    If you havent thought about it , now is the time to start.

    International Economy
    Monday 5 October
    All non-European destinations
    (except South Africa, Canada, Middle
    and Far East, USA)
    Monday 12 October
    Middle and Far East, Hong Kong,
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    Greece, Iceland, Malta, Turkey, USA

    Monday 16 November
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    I should look at getting cards ready for the mail…


    I’ve stopped mailing physical cards.  Now, I send Jacquie Lawson e-cards to friends and relatives all over the world.  No…not the same card with a generic greeting and message sent to everyone.  I take the time to send them each unique animated cards to enjoy with personal greetings and messages.

    The Card History function of that site also allows me to track which ones I’ve sent and to whom.  I can ensure that each person doesn’t receive the same card again.


    I still have family and friends who dont have email.. Each year I make 10 photo cards and they get sent out..

    For anyone who has FB I put a greeting there.. But the money i dont spend on cards  or postage I add to my donation to our local foodbank..


    I tell people if you didnt get a card its because you gave someone dinner instead…


    [quote quote=219093]I still have family and friends who dont have email..[/quote]
    Since my mom is now in a home, I need to mail her a card.  My dad will probably not receive e-cards anymore, since doesn’t have his laptop set up in his motor home.  He hasn’t really had the time to use it, anyhow.  Since I’m still hosting holiday dinners (just us three), that will have to suffice.

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