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Are women still discouraged from playing video games?

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    How many conservative minded men and women would be offended by her?


    I highly doubt women are discouraged from playing video games. There are many female gamers out there.


    This weeks Christian Science Monitor features a story about Esports which is sports league for people who play video games. Would you believe they have spectators and even fans. And yup, there all boys- no girls .


    It really depends on the game, I suspect, as locally to me it seems that far more women play things like ‘Candy Crush’ than men. I know quite a few who play other types as well.


    I suppose the more violent/destructive war type games appeal to the males over females. Games like ‘Candy Crush’ would appeal more to women I would suspect.


    It could just be from growing up with a brother that is only a few years younger, but I play and have played video games. As for violent games, I’ve played most of the Grand Theft Auto games and things of that nature. I still have my PlayStation, but I haven’t touched it in awhile as I don’t have the time for it right now. I know several other girls who are regular gamers. My best friend isn’t into a lot of video games, but she plays a game online called League of Legends. She started it as a way to bond and spend time with her father.


    I spent some time playing computer games in partnership with my son, when he was little, which helped with bonding too. Things like Street Fighter and Power Rangers on the Megadrive. At times I wasn’t sure how well it was going though as he was not happy when I got us both killed.


    I’m not into computer games myself, but I am glad so many girls and women do play them. There are stereotypes of how a girl/woman should be, but people are much more liberated these days in the majority of areas in life. As for whether we have liberal attitudes towards other women playing video games, I should hope so. A woman should be able to do whatever she wants without being called “butch” or a “b*tch” or other names.

    Women are accepted [mostly] in sports, so why shouldn’t a woman be encouraged to play video games? This is the 21st century: not the Middle Ages! [Note for anyone against a woman playing video games.]


    My family has a Playstation and it is just me and my younger sister. We play on occasion, but I know some guys that play all the time in their spare time. They are like addicted to the games.


    I have female co-workers who play games like call of duty. I play world of Warcraft, Diablo and Rift, MMORPGs. I can’t handle playing things like first person shooters or whatever…. but I think girls who game are bad ass. It’s seemingly still a male dominated world and girls are showing it’s theirs as well.


    I’ve been playing games all my life, and it’s really weird how men treat you when they find out you’re a woman.  This can really happen when you’re in a game where you need to use voice chat.

    It’s happened to me, suddenly they realize I’m a woman when they hear my voice, and things change fast.  Like sometimes I’ll just get treated like I’m really stupid and can’t figure out even basic things, even though like I was doing them fine just a few minutes earlier.  And sometimes you’ll just get kicked out of your group, I guess an assumption that as a woman you’re going to hold back your team or something.  Then there are the worst, where guys literally want you to date them or something, but I’ve only experienced that a few times.  Sometimes you’ll get someone who suddenly will become really clingy to you and won’t leave you alone.

    Not all guys are like that, but oh it does happen enough to get pretty annoying.  I’ve been in gaming groups where if you’re a woman, no one wants to play with you, or only for a few minutes until he realizes you have no interest at all in dating him, and then he just leaves.


    It’s interesting you find that Mamie. I have found similar things happen with other online situations. In real life though, in the job I used to work in there was equality. To some extent allowances for personal differences as the job could get physical with heavy lifting occasionally as well as the more technical aspects in which both male and female were equal. Maybe guys like to escape to their fantasy world in which they feel superior, rather than in real life in which they are now less able to be accepted with this attitude.


    I’m really glad you have equality at your work Jen.  My company is weird, like some areas are very equal, and others are not.  Like our board of directors is half women, and the head of my group is a woman, and some of our teams are mostly women.  My team however is almost all men, except for myself really, and many of my peer groups I work with most directly are pretty much all men.  I’m in a more technical specialty, and I have a lot of respect from my immediate colleagues, but I still get treated weird by a lot of people.  Like for example, I’m the one most principally responsible for information, and most of my [male] colleagues are using programs I built and designed, but if anyone has a question they go to one of them and not to me, even though they have to then come to me for answers, if I’m making any sense?

    In gaming I feel like they seem to think I’m just not capable of being competent.  It’s really weird, I do believe it’s truly a gender thing, because I’ve been in situations where everything was just completely fine until they hear my voice, then suddenly there’s this huge attitude change, suddenly even the most basic things are being explained to me like I’m some sort of idiot, and especially because literally minutes before everything was completely fine with what I was doing, if I’m making sense?  I do feel many men at least unconsciously believe we have inferior intelligence to them and can’t possibly understand things as well as they do.


    I think there were sometimes assumptions made when things got really technical Mamie, but there were a lot of highly qualified people about, and you never knew without asking, how qualified anyone was, or often, even what their job was, not matter what their gender, colour, religion or ethnic background. Equality was almost put before everything else, although not blatently, just accepted. It was not all roses though, this is the National Health Service!


    I game as well, got some stick from a member on this forum about that too, I play games to have fun and I mainly play GTA V and also  WW2 stuff like Sniper Elite, Zombie Army Trilogy that kind of genre, I also play HP as well on my PS3, but I’m mostly on PS4 instead and I sometimes plat NFS too

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