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Are women still discouraged from playing video games?

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    I’m no good at video games, my boyfriend tried teaching me a game called Assassin’s Creed, but I couldn’t figure it out and just ended up watching him play. As a woman, I don’t see the appeal of video games….there are more constructive ways to spend one’s time in my opinion. No offense to the ladies who do play, I just prefer other hobbies.


    I think we’re on the same page, GirlPowah88. I don’t enjoy playing video games: I just am no good at them. I much prefer other hobbies. Still, I applaud any woman who does play them. It is a liberal world, so I don’t see the problem of women – and girls – playing video games. However, personally speaking, they are not for me, either.


    I’m not sure about other girls, but I was always into video games and they were full of violence. However, they were mostly horror games instead of Grand Theft Auto or Counter Strike since my father never allowed me to kill people in those games. Now I can do that, but I still prefer horror games. I’ve met another woman my age that wasn’t allowed to play video games, so yeah, some women are heavily discouraged from doing so and usually prefer “Candy Crush” and stuff.


    I’ve been addicted lately to a mobile game called “Best Fiends”, it’s really well made and I’m hooked.

    I also bought a new expansion for The Sims 4, and I’ve been having some fun there.  My character has so many traits now, lol .. but I love being at this point where I can just have fun, instead of starting new characters and having to earn everything all over again.

    I’ve also been playing the new expansion for Civilization .. I love playing as Eleanor of Aquitaine and peacefully taking over the world using the Court of Love.


    As a gamer myself (Been playing an mmorpg for about 6 years), I don’t really think women are discouraged playing such games now days. BUT, it really depends on the game. Not talking from experience, I never played FPS (first person shooters), but I did constantly hear that in shooters this is very very different.

    But right now I’m talking from my own experience:

    I never really felt negativity towards me almost at all. The other way around – whenever people in the game get to know that i’m a girl, they actually are more friendly towards me.

    Most women will feel courted in an mmorpg, if you consider this sexism so be it. I felt it especially when I was noob and new to the game, people were more prone to help me and they were really nice to me. ofc I knew that part of it was because they knew I was a girl, and I  would lie if I said I didn’t use that to benefit me in the game at all. But, I rarely “used” people, as in – made them give me expensive stuff in the game like gold/mats for upgrading the weapon/new skin for my character. Most of the stuff I got by myself from grinding stuff or doing dungeons. I feel proud at myself for getting all the “cool” stuff with my own abilities.

    That said, I know most women do use their gender to get stuff from men, and I think that’s a very disgusting behavior. If someone gives me something by force, I will always pay them back in some other way through the game.

    I do believe in equality including games, and I do not put my genitalia on a pedestal or think that I’m some rare being that people in the game should feel “graced by my presence”. Unfortunately, many girls behave that way in games and that’s why I hate most girls in games. Perhaps its because most of them are teenagers or they are on their early 20’s, or simply perhaps they are catfishers.

    Anyways, things do change once you reach “end game”, for everyone, not only girls. I know this is very similar in other mmorpg’s, not just in the game I played. Elitists, people who consider themselves high level players, that do really hard end game stuff that requires lots of skill, turn toxic towards you, if you’re new to the dungeon and want to learn and fuck up. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy. In end game stuff it mainly depends on your skill or if you have the right skillful friends / or in an end game guild that helps to learn those dungeons (and the waiting list for that is endless and most guilds don’t teach you even if they say they do).

    And , just like in real life, there’ll be lots of politics going on (you’re lucky if you have the right “friends” or play a class that is rare and is very needed  to help you going forward if it benefits them in clearing as well) and eventually only a handful of people are successful in doing those end game dungeons, and the skillful players always prefer to play with themselves and rarely help others.

    TLDR: No, I don’t think there’s female discrimination in ALL games , I was an end game player and I mainly got discriminated because of my class that I played which wasn’t popular, and not because of my skill, and I eventually stopped playing because I didn’t like the direction the game was going (too grindy and pay 2 win).

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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