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    Hi everyone. I’m a new member to this forum and I’m very impressed with how helpful the members are.

    As this is a “female” forum, I thought this would be an excellent place to ask the members if anyone has read the’s book “Are Women the Stronger Sex” by Josette Sona?  I read it and I can’t stop thinking about it. Hardly a day goes by that someone or something doesn’t remind me of it. There’s lots of chatter about it on social forums and (as I’m sure you can understand), women love it and men don’t.

    Has anyone had a chance to read it?  What did you think of it?


    Wow that was incredibly interesting, thank you so much for sharing that with us!

    A lot of what she wrote really spoke to me, and exactly like she says, I thought of many of those things before in some way.  I’ve long felt men hate women because deep down they know we’re better than they are, and I’ve often said to myself “the only thing men are better at is lifting heavy things.”

    I think it’s really interesting reading it written out like that, it’s given me so much to think about, and also helps me see into guys’ minds a little bit and understand why they’re acting like they do.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that women are much, much stronger than men are.

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    In a way, it’s kind of sad that so many men are jealous of women and feel threatened by us.  If they could only judge us as individuals instead of having the mentality of “women this” and “women that”, I’m sure they could find happiness but (as it says in the book) there are too many men who (if they’re hurt by one woman) go against all women and judge us all the same.

    Ultimately, it’s their loss but innocent women (too often) have to pay for men’s emotional weakness (because women are mistreated by men who’ve been hurt by a woman in his past).

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    Sorry to be rude, but just because a woman doesn’t have a d*ck, does not make her weaker! The idea that men are the stronger sex had been around a long time, as we all know. But women have to go through the pain of childbirth. Women have periods. Women are – a lot of the time – willing to help others and put themselves out for others. Of course, not all women are the same. So that is a bit of a stereotype.

    I won’t be a fanatic feminist and rant, but women are equal to men in every single way. In fact, women can be more mature and more emotionally resiliant than men. Women are also equally as smart as any man.

    The book sounds fascinating and I am considering getting hold of a copy.

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    Women ARE the stronger sex.

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    Men think they’re stronger, because they view things like stubbornness, cruelty, selfishness, greed, and willingness to commit violence as strengths.

    When a man wants something, he takes it .. even if he has to kill you to get it.  Because a woman is willing to sacrifice her own desires for peace and harmony, he views her as “weak.”  Men look out for themselves, they’re competitive and want to be “king” and have it all, and take from everyone else, so they’ll do ruthless things to achieve their ends.  Women are co-operative and put their families and communities needs equal to their own, so we don’t look only for our own personal glory but rather try to uplift everything around us.  Men view this as “weak” because we’re not cut-throat pirates, like they are.

    Sorry, I probably sound bitter, but I do believe this is all true.

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    Men are generally wired differently to women. Men usually are supposed to be men: the stronger sex, the physically stronger gender that battles through life like a warrior [OK, a little cheesey]. Whereas a lot of women [although not all] do tend to approach conflict differently. Of course, we can’t tar all men and women with the same brush BUT Mamie has said things I agree with. Men can be power hungry and more aggressive than women. This is all a generality but I agree it is true in many cases. Women do tend to be more emotionally intuitive, I suppose.

    Personally speaking, I use my intuition every day. I am emotionally aware and sensitive to others feelings. I am nice to get my way [not in an manipulative way, though] and also tend to sort problems without being ruthless or aggressive. I suppose I am similar to many women in that regard.

    Just another penny’s worth.

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    I’m constantly criticized by men I know for how I approach my job at work.

    I’ll gladly help other coworkers with things, especially getting something set up that makes their jobs easier.  I want everyone in my group to succeed.  I’ve had male “friends” tell me this is a weakness of mine, how I’m being taken advantage of by other people, and that I need to let them fail and work on my own individual accomplishments, so I can promote myself and get raises and promotions.

    I really find it interesting, how men view things as like dog-eat-dog, and are more interested in appearance than substance.  I’ve seen men trying to take credit for my work (and even get promoted for it), and that’s not something I’m willing to do, I’m not going to be like that.  I don’t view success as proverbially knifing my way to the top and then cutting loose before the ship sinks … I feel success is more about doing my part to make sure our voyage goes well and everyone makes it through okay.

    I don’t feel that makes me weaker, I feel the opposite really.

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    I was amused at times with a boss I had in my previous work. He was the agressive ‘macho’ male who tended to bully his way around but many people noticed that he was really afraid of women and had troubles with other managers. This was in the NHS is which one of the few places where women can and do progress upward more easily. There was one particular female consultant who was very set in her ways and dominant in her empire (maybe a man in disguise lol). There were a number of times when my boss acually hid, and also started to work from home far more often, just to avoid her. He seldom got his way with her. I must admit she was a bit of a tyrant as she was known to have nurses in tears on her ward, but I quite admired her as I found her fair, respectful and friendly.

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    It reminds me of the mini-series “Cranford” where a lady said to another woman: “He said you were the equal of a man. And I corrected him. No woman is the equal of a man. She is his superior in every single case.” 😉 I thought it was priceless! ❤️

    Smashwords (and the author) provide the ebook for free. 🙂

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    I know exactly what you mean, hon. 🙂

    It’s easier to be stubborn (“my way or the highway”), selfish (“I want it!”), greedy (“and you can’t have any”), and commit acts of violence (“I’ll punch your lights out if you don’t do what I say”)
    than it is to be accommodating (“let’s see if we can compromise”), kind (“maybe we can share”), generous (“would you like some”), and peaceful (“let’s negotiate”).

    It takes strength to exercise self-control to not act on our impulses. A lot of women will do what is harder but what is best in a situation. 😌

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    I’m so sorry to hear that you have to put up with constant criticism at work, hon. How annoying! It’s hard for us to enjoy our job when we’re bullied. Those men are possibly inadequate in their job performance and are trying to take the spotlight away from them and focus it on others. (If only they knew it doesn’t work – at least by those who know better.) 😉

    Helping others is a sign of strength and your team is very fortunate to have you. I love to work with people such as yourself. 🙂 It makes the work environment so much nicer, I’m happier, and more productive. I try my best but it’s nice to know someone has my back, someone’s willing to help when I need it. I wish everyone could co-exist in such a harmonious way. The world would be a better, more peaceful place (instead of people fighting and competing with each other, trying to outdo each other and not caring whom they hurt in the process)!
    They try to take credit for your work?! How rude!! 😒 I’m glad you don’t let them get away with that!!!

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    I shouldn’t laugh but I can’t help but find it amusing when a man is afraid of a woman and cowers away like a frightened mouse. 😄

    The female consultant was probably fair, respectful and friendly towards you because you were competent and she appreciated your good work ethic. 😉

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    Both sexes are essential in life. Both are needed, no one is superior than  the other because every sex has his own strength and weakness. Yes, we are wired differently but that’s why we should co-operate together to form a united platform.

    Going against one another, from both sides, is a sign of failure. Why are we different from the males then, if we think we are better? Instead of having this superiority complex (which basically, along the way, reduces the potential reasoning behind feminism), we should learn to be harmonious with the opposite sex, instead of downgrading it and neglecting it.

    All I see in these comments are biased opinions from women who had bad experience with men with some kind of power; it is very biased to think all men are like what you said here.



    Men don’t want to work cooperatively with us, they want to dominate us, and part of that is constantly trying to say we’re weak.  So we’ve got to show strength, because we’ve got to fight for our place of equality, men won’t just hand it to us.  They’re going to fight us every step of the way, so right now we’re in a position where we’ve got to recognize how strong we are.

    Men, as a group, have caused so much suffering for so many people in our world.  They’ve taken power by force and don’t want to give it up.

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