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Are you a tipper?

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    Of course, in some countries tipping is more prevalant and more of a custom than others. Here in England, we tend to tip taxi drivers, waiters and hairdressers. Who do you tip, how often do you tip and how much do you tip?

    I normally give cabbies a few extra quid depending on the fare, and round up the hairdresser to the nearest ten pounds. In a restaurant I will give up to 10% if the service is good. My mother often refuses to tip saying it should all just be in the price.

    What is your opinion on tipping?


    I tip if I think someone has given good service. So, if a waitress has gone beyond taking my order and bringing it out (e.g. has recommended me something and it was good!) then I’ll always tip. I always tip my hairdresser because I have had so many disasters with other hairdressers before I found the one I have now, I’m just so grateful! But generally I only tip if someone has actually gobe beyond the minimum they need to.

    Piece of advice if you do tip in restaurants: don’t put it on your card if you pay by card – quite often (in several place I have worked anyway), it won’t go to the waiting staff at all, just into the general taking. Also, if you tip it generally doesn’t all go to the person you may think you’re tipping – it’s almost always pooled between all the front of house staff and the kitchen. I’ve had nights where my own take in tips (e.g. if it was a quiet night so just me working front of house) was less than I got at the end of the week after it had been divvied up with all the other staff!


    I usually tip:

    Hairdressers – £5 if they have doen a good job

    Waiter/ess – 10% if they have been pleasant, helpful and polite (I never add the tip to my card, I want the person serving to get it direct)

    Takeaway delivery guy (lol) we round it up then add a pound.

    Taxi drivers are the only ones I NEVER tip, bar rounding up to the pound. They are on enough money just by charging £2.60 for you just getting in the cab. My mate drives a taxi and he can make £700 in a weekend.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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