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Are you addicted to the internet?

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    How long do you use the internet each day and how often do you use it? I have to admit I use it pretty much every day but am not on for too long – just an hour or two at the most each time.

    I have heard some people claim to be addicted – do you consider yourself to be one of those people? Are you online for longer than you are offline? Confess here!


    I will pop on for 15 mins or so maybe 2-3 times a day to check a few forums. Spend more time in the evening so OH gets to watch his programmes on telly. 😆

    If being addicted means I would be gutted if my Broadband packed in then yes, I’m addicted! 🙂 Think the main prob with that would bebecause I do all my bills and banking online, as well as work related stuff.


    I wouldn,t say I,m addicted to the internet, but I,d sure be lost without it. I use it every day, mainly for coming to Female of course lol. 😉 I book holidays on line, and sort out some banking stuff on line, and send emails. Whatever we did we do before we had computers and the internet? Could you cope without it? I couldn,t.


    I like to use it for around an hour each day after I get home from work and have some time away from the kids! I find it really relaxing and helps me forget about my day at work. Am I addicted? Well I find it much harder to relax if I haven’t checked my emails and logged onto my favourite sites!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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